3 Things A Woman Shouldn't Do At A Super Bowl Party

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Committing a Super Bowl party "DIVA Don't" can move you from wife potential into the "Friends Zone!"


If the man you are dating has invited you to the Super Bowl, considered yourself to have a home court advantage to winning his heart if you haven’t done so already. You are his Super Bowl Sunday date of choice and with this invitation, know that he will be paying attention to signs that determine if you maybe wife potential. The excitement of Super Bowl Sunday can set ladies up to shine or falter for the occasion. There will be food, drinks and fun in abundance and it will get very tempting to commit some Super Bowl “Diva Don’ts” if you are not careful! Read along and what ever you do, please do not commit these “DIVA Don’ts!

1. DIVA Don’t curse like a sailor! It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the game and since the men may be cursing, you may think that it is all right for you to curse as well but you cannot. You are a lady and your guy has invited you as his lady because he is attracted to women. Women do not curse like the boys unless they want to be treated like a boy.

2. DIVA Don’t ask too many questions about what each play means. Please keep potentially annoying questions to a minimum during the game. You may not understand a thing that is going on in the game or even know why the guys are cheering when the player runs two feet and falls. Either way, keep the football questions to a minimum and let your man enjoy his game. Even if your dad is a college football coach, if he chooses to explain the game to you then let him. If not understand that he will be into the game and not so much into you. He is a guy, don’t take it personal. Just enjoy the party, his presence and the talking babies on the E*TRADE commercial.

3. Diva don’t drink like a drunk and yell at the TV screen! Just because the guys will be enjoying 6 or 7 beers and downing them like soda or yelling at the screen as if the players can hear them, doesn’t mean that you can do the same! I cannot emphasize enough that men are men and most straight men dating want a classy lady by his side. It does not impress him just because you can fit in as one of the guys. You don’t want to be that girl who is always pushed in the friends’ zone because a guy can’t see you as his lady! Keep it classy and remember that you do not lose any power by being a feminine lady. As a matter of fact, femininity is attractive and vulnerability is power. It is not your looks that are a major turn on for men but your femininity so use it!