FLIRT your way through the Valentines Season


If you're single, its that dreaded time of year again! Hearts and flowers all around, when you probably just want to run and hide!  However, it is also a  season is brimming with friends, parties, blossoming romance! With all those valentines singles parties around, its the ideal time to see who you can meet! Flirting need not be a scary word – it is nothing more than charm, with perhaps a little romantic charge behind it. Romance or not, being charismatic with everyone can never hurt, and at the very least you’re sure to make someone smile. In order to get you flirting, I’ll share with you my “FLIRTS” acronym – your instant guide to get flirting right away:

F is for Fun
A conversation is about having fun! Make sure you enjoy what you're talking about and that you ensure your potential lover is enjoying the conversation too.

L is for listen
Always have a genuine desire to listen and understand what the other person is saying. The focus in your conversation should be them and not you. They should be showing you the same courtesy. Be enthralled!!

I is for Interest
Make sure you have some interesting topics up your sleeve to talk about such as current affairs, movies or what your friends are talking about at the moment. If you get stuck, take the conversation back to your partner and show that you're interested in them and what they're saying.

R (in the words of Aretha Franklin!) is for R-E-S-P-E-C-T
This almost goes without saying. Make sure you don't cross the line. Challenge or tease gently if the atmosphere is right, but be warned - take it too far and you'll lose.

T is for Tone
Your tone of voice has a huge impact on the words you say. Match yours to that of the person you’re talking to for an instant subconscious connection. Keep it slower, lower and deeper for instant seductiveness.

S is for Smile
Lastly don’t forget the favourite, and perhaps the easiest flirtation technique of all - the smile!