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The secret to attracting love is to let your inner self be reflected in your outer presence.  My personal mission is to help people reflect the best version of themselves in their outer presence so that you become a beacon of light. The brighter this shines, the easier it is for the one that you're meant to be with to find you. Do it well, and you'll also be attracting a lot of delicious attention on the way!

About Shay Allie

Making the right first impression is so vital! Your image is your passport to getting that guy to talk to you, and once you've got past GO, you need to be able to keep up that magnetism with a captivating presence. ANYONE can be captivating, no matter what their age, weight or height & I find with my clients, its often only a few small tweaks that are needed to go from unnoticed to ABSOLUTELY SHINING when you enter a room!

One of my gifts is to see that potential and beauty in other women and to use all the skills that I have to bring that out and make you IRRESISTABLE. You'll quickly find that you're not only irresistible to the opposite sex, but indeed to anyone that you want to attract such as new clients, employers and friends.

My mentoring style has been described as “elegant, engaging and highly intuitive”. I love being able to take personal care and attention of each of my clients. I have a very “hands on” approach and like to be able to hold your hand and be available to you through whatever you need so that by the end of our time together, you absolutely shine – wherever you go! 

Shay Allie Success Stories

From rising star to superstar!

Women starting over

Since our time together, Jolene has gone from a wanting to be a media star to now having her own Sky TV chat show, to be aired in March, and is now in a relationship with her soulmate, who she met for the first time shortly after our day together!  Check out her before and after shots heremore


She was so amazing & kind of intuitive!

Women starting over

Wendy went from black suits to an absolute goddess, skyrocketing her business AND attracting a beautiful new relationship.  Check out her before and after here and her testimonial video recorded shortly after our time together.more


intuitive sense of style and feminine creativity

Women starting over

” The time I spent with Shay was so valuable and she is so professional. We looked in depth at the kind of image I wanted to portray on stage and how my outfits could enhance my performance by reflecting my inner personality. She even advised me to change my hair color and I love it! Shay’s intuitive sense of style and her feminine creativity really caused me to consider my image and the impact it can have on my business. “more

Nicki Vee

always warm, compassionate, encouraging and generous of spirit

Women starting over

” What I loved about working with Shay, is that she not only understood what would work for my body shape and style, but she instinctively knew what was absolutely spot on for my brand. We are walking embodiments of our businesses, so it is really important to get this piece right. And whilst it was sometimes challenging to overcome my own perceptions of myself, Shay was always warm, compassionate, encouraging and generous of spirit, whilst still challenging me to reach for my highest potential and to embody who I am becoming, rather than slipping into the safety of familiarity.more

I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Jules Anderson

Professional, Warm, Inspirational

Women starting over

Shay is a wonderful empathetic listener. She creates a safe, supported space where her clients can think, explore and find the answers they need. She is a professional, warm, inspirational coach who works skilfully to get the best possible results for her clientsmore

Meg Reid

Thank you for taking me in hand and helping me feel like a Queen!

Women newly dating

Shay you are a branding stylist/goddess/magician! I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do something as important as purchasing clothes that express who they are (which is also what their business is at core) without an expert like you by their side.more

I arrived in London recently, with only a couple of hours sleep behind me, after a long drive to Belfast airport for an early flight, going to an unfamiliar part of the city with a HUGE suitcase, in the heat, my curls (and me) wilting, and a mission to find the perfect dress for a photo shoot happening in just two days …. for me, that was the beginning of a nightmare scenario! Not only do I NOT enjoy clothes shopping but to do it under these circumstances!

Well, everything changed from the moment I met Shay. We had arranged an hour of consulting so she could help me find a dress for a shoot she was already helping me prepare for, but it was so much more than that. I felt cared for. I felt seen. My tastes were taken into consideration and I felt like I had an ally who was putting all her knowledge and experience towards helping me look as beautiful and still ME as possible.

Most of all Shay understood my brand and what it meant and brought that into the mix. I will never forget her telling the lady who sold us the dress that “Chrissy’s brand is about Happily Ever After, so anything black is simply unsuitable’ … not even the slightest temptation to suggest safe and slimming black!

And we found the most stunning beautiful red dress in a shop I would have walked right past if I had been on my own. Within minutes she was even teaching the sales assistant new ways of wearing the dress!

Thank you for taking me in hand, leading what will forever be known as the ‘Red Aphrodite Dress’ adventure and helping me to feel like a Queen

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