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To create a life and work of your dreams you need to partner with your inner guidance in a practical way and learn to master managing your energy, that is the secret to manifesting what you want and living an Empowered Life.

About Sharon Wilson

Sharon founded Coaching from Spirit in 1997 when her daughter Joy was born.  It is a powerful story that Jack Canfield asked her to write about in his book "Mastering the Law of Attraction".  Her Chapter is call A Leap of Faith and that really sums up Coaching from Spirit and what they do.  They support you to take a leap of faith and allow yourself to have the life and work of your dreams!

Sharon has coached thousands of people in programs and as individual clients to live an empowered life and work.  All of our programs are based on the system she was given when she was having a dark night of the soul in 1995.  She really ws not even sure she wanted to stay on this planet and had a very powerful, some may say mystical experience.  On that fateful night she connected to a knowing that we are all ONE.  Maybe that sounds cliche nonetheless it is true.  No matter what your religion is, there is an energy that connects us all and when we really REMEMBER that we will transform not only our lives and our business, our careers...but also the world. Sharon knows that is a tall order!  But she is here to tell you, you CAN live an empowered life. How?  Having a community that can support you is helfful.  Having a system that helps you to manage your emotional energy and leverages universal law of attraction is needed.  Having wasy to be effective in marketing and selling is you have a business can move you in quantum ways to more flow and ease too.

The CFS Institute is not just Sharon.  She is the midwife of this and has been blessed exponentially at an inner and outer level!  She replaced her core income her first year as a spiritual coach and has been provided for through economic ups and downs and her own personal and health challenges.  How?  It is Sharon's intention to let Spirit lead her and to lead CFSI.

We see you as family and we are here to support you!  Welcome Home!

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