What are your stories?


I was talking to someone in one of our programs and she was telling me about how she never feels good enough. She told me how she is always comparing herself to others and of course she always comes up short. I helped her to apply a 5 minute process we call Perceptual shifting that we teach in our programs.

The PSP step-by-step

The PSP is a conversation you have with yourself; you have no obligation to share it with anyone. It is as private as you decide you want it to be. You set the rules to ensure you can fully access the feelings you are feeling, and consequently access the full potency of the tool.

There are four steps in the PSP:

1. Get the feelings and stories onto paper.

2. Imagine possible solutions.

3. Identify what you want to activate.

4. Ask your inner guidance for next actions.

She emailed me back that within days a large contract came to her "out of the blue" She shifted the energy and in doing so shifted what she was attracting!

We all have stories we tell ourselves and if we just start with calling those stories out, that is acknowledging them, we start to dissipate them.