The Number One Secret to being a Transformational Coach


If you watched interviews on TV or read Q&A segments in magazines, you have probably noticed that everyone wants to know the same thing.  The question “What is the secret to your success?” is usually always asked.  From professional athletes to money management gurus, everyone wants to unlock the mystery that leads to superior achievement.  This profession is no different.


As a transformational coach, it is vital that you not only know the number one secret to landing clients, but that you understand and embrace it as well.  Why?  Simply stated, without this secret you will not have a foundation to establish your business on.

So, what is this secret?  It is to BELIEVE, plain and simple.  Believe who or believe what, you might ask.  Well, let’s find out!


BELIEVE in yourself!  Before you can move any further in the process, you must have faith that you are called to be a transformational coach and that you can do this.  People have real problems and you can be the answer to their prayers.  Don’t let your own fears, past rejections, or apprehensions stop you from being who you are destined to be.

BELIEVE in your system!  In order to be effective as a transformational coach, you have to have confidence in your coaching system.  You have to be the first one to stand up and say that you have a system that works and that will get results.  By standing behind your coaching system and believing in its effectiveness, you will tap into an energy level that will excite people.  This, in turn, will cause potential clients to develop a connection between your tangible system and the solution to their problem or struggle.  Once this connection has been made, people will be energized to work with you and pay you to employ this winning system for them.


BELIEVE in your client!  The reason that having a transformational coach is so effective is because people need someone to support them and to keep them accountable along the way.  This begins by first believing that the client has what it takes to see their goals to completion.  When you, as a transformational coach, believe in your client, they will literally feel your support and take themselves to levels they never thought possible.

BELIEVE in the results!  Faith in results is really a big part of making this whole process work for you.  You have to be able to have a vision of what overcoming the current problem or situation looks like in order to move in that direction.  Once your vision is clear, you will be able to begin a shift in the mindset of the client along this same line. 


To put it very simply, you have to BELIEVE that as a transformational coach, you will cause your client to achieve the results they desire through your coaching system.  It really is that simple.  If you truly believe, then congratulations, you have found the number one secret to success in attracting clients as a transformational coach.