Do You Manage Your Energy To Stop Spinning Your Wheels?


You may not realize how important it is to manage your energy. You may not realize your energy is even tangled. I can tell you that there is an inner and outer approach to everything you do and in order to be successful you need to start with the inner and move to the outer.

You will recognize the feeling of tangled energy though. That is the feeling you get when you feel overwhelmed, confused, tired, sick…all of it can be due to tangled energy around one or many topics in your life.

The time you spend developing your skills in managing your energy gradually decreases and minimizes the amount of time you spend spinning your wheels or dealing with consequences of tangled energy.

There are a number of tools you can use to manage your energy and I teach them all in my Free Essentials Community, but here is one example to help you right away.

There is a basic principle of energy management. It is a higher guidance that operates within you. You can think of it as a connection at a sort of telepathic level. This is the energy source from which all life force flows. It connects us all. When you consciously tap into that connection you have tapped into unlimited potential.

One way to make something tangible is to put it into a solid form. If you think of your inner guidance showing up like a person you would be giving them a personification.
To symbolically represent your inner guidance imagine them showing up in a hat. Whatever image comes to mind right now…let that be OK. Sometimes it may be a word instead or a feeling that you get. Using a tangible thing like a hat provides the missing link to that energy source.

Now find, make or draw that hat. By having it in your hands you are channeling a powerful connection to source energy and will be on your way to managing your energy.
Check out the Essentials community and learn more tools that will help you to manage your energy and move forward in your life!