What Good Can Come From Reading Someone’s Name?


How reading a name assists us in getting along with others.

     We live in a world of dissention and turmoil. We live in a world of haves and have-nots. We live in a world of love and fear. We live in a world where fear is used to manipulate people. What does all of this have to do with names? Knowing how to interpret a name assists us in realizing where the fears lie with a person, where the gifts lay and how one can overcome their challenges.  Knowing their names enables us to assist in uplifting others, into becoming someone who can help others see through the smoke and mirrors, into being a person who can understand the reasons behind someone’s actions and their corresponding needs.
     So, what are some of the ways that we can be assisting? What can we look for?  We can look for self-sabotage that shows up in names like Morgan and Gordon.  How can we help them? Refuse to support any endeavor that can lead to self-sabotage; stay honest in dealing with them and do not rescue them so that they get their lessons faster.  When we rescue we postpone the inevitable. 
     It is our individual responsibility to uplift the people around us. When someone has a name with the first vowel of ‘E’, ‘I’, of ‘U’ that person must feel right about a situation prior to moving forward, which is directly opposite the style of those who have the first vowel of ‘A’, ‘O’, or ‘Y’.   These are the people who have to find a reason, or a purpose for what has happened. They want to understand things mentally prior to moving forward.  Knowing this, when someone we know confides in us, we are able to direct the conversation to either an emotional or reasoning place.  We know which methodology is more important for them to come to peace about a situation.
     Names assist us in releasing old prejudices as instead of taking things a person does personally, we can see the reason for their actions in their names. This makes it easier to understand someone’s actions. 
     A person’s communication style is apparent in their name.  Some people like to small talk and then get down to business. Others like to take care of the task at hand and save small talk until after the job is done.   Knowing which is which saves time. 
     A person’s learning style is in their name.  We would like people to be able to learn quickly.  How can we help that?  By reading a name, the strongest method of learning is disclosed, whether it is auditory, visual or kinesthetic.  Being presented a new topic in one’s learning style assists the person in grasping the new concept.  There are many clues as to the learning style in a name, however, the first vowel is the main indicator with ‘A’ and ‘O’ being predominately visual learners, ‘E’ and ‘U’ being kinesthetic learners leaving ‘I’ and ‘Y’ being auditory learners. 
     So, what can you get from a name?  Clues as to how each person feels, processes information, and communicates as well as what their gifts and challenges are. The most important though, is the understanding on how we can  use compassion to assist the other person to grow..

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission from the author.