Seeing Someone New? 4 Ways To Get To Know Him Better

Seeing Someone New? 4 Ways To Get To Know Him Better [EXPERT]

You can tell a lot about a person before you even know him. Find out how!

4. Neimology Science. Another technique that is being used today is Neimology® Science. This method utilizes the placement of the letters in your name and interprets the patterns created by your letters and their various combinations to determine personality predispositions.  Neimology® Science can be used to compare two names to see where the couple will get along and where the potential conflicts will be in their personalities.

Each of these methodologies gives insight into the individual. Combining these techniques gives you the clearest picture of the person with whom you choose to spend time before you date or fall in love. They also give you information that will be beneficial to discuss while dating, so try one or all of these methodologies to assist you in your quest.

Educator and former school administrator Sharón Wyeth is the author of KNOW THE NAME, KNOW THE PERSON: How a Name Can Predict Thoughts, Feelings and Actions, a book that earned a Literary Excellence Award. An educator and former school administrator, she has appeared on numerous radio and television programs.