Unusual Names: Are they an advantage or disadvantage?

You are going to name me what? Ripple effects of recent celebrities naming their children.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z gave birth to their first child, daughter Baby Blue on January 7th this year. They sparked a debate over names, and whether the uniqueness of their child’s name would be a benefit or a handicap to their child. There are many reasons why parents name their children with unusual names. Entertainment Weekly’s January 20, 2012, issue speculated that “Blue, might have been cribbed from Jay-Z’s three Blueprint albums, while Ivy could be a play on the Roman numeral IV- as in Blueprint 4.”

Regardless of why the name was chosen, Blue Ivy Carter will have a name that states she likes others to follow rules, but she does not wish to be limited by rules. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter will be a handful in that she will take them literally for what they say. If her parents say, don’t take the shortcut down to the beach and fail to specify not to take the shortcut home, Blue Ivy will not hesitate to take the shortcut home.

Besides hearing what she wishes to hear, she’ll be highly competitive. Simultaneously, she’ll be overly generous with her time and be a natural entertainer. Under stress Blue Ivy will depend on her family and their likeability factor to get her out of trouble. She’ll want to experiment and have her own experiences. Bottom line is that she’ll be a bit of a handful.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are not the only celebrities that have named their offspring with quite unusual names. Their good friend Gwyneth Paltrow named her children Apple and Moses. Apple will be a workaholic, yet be able to flip and be the best couch potato out there. She’ll also be generous with her time, wishing to play or do what other’s need to do in order to avoid doing her own work. However, once she gets started, she won’t want to quit until she finishes. Apple will be a Pied Piper and be able to use her influence wisely.

Arthur Ashe named his daughter Camera. Perhaps he is preparing his daughter for all of the cameras that will flash around her to take her picture because of who her dad is. Camera will consider herself likeable, even though others may not agree. She is learning how to be in charge, how to be the leader, how to not need to be right all the time. Camera will have definite preferences. What she likes, she really likes, what she doesn’t like, she won’t want to do. She’ll be an experimenter in the sexuality department. It’ll be interesting to see the influence of Arthur Ashe on her as he will have a calming affect on her.

Wonder what these parents were thinking when they named their child who became well known later on as celebrities, like Zooey Deschanel of recent “New Girl” fame, Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor and Ashanti Shaquoya Douglas. None of these names indicates the gender of its owner. Some people carry an unusual name well and make it their own, like Sigourney Weaver, while others allow their name to rule them or cause them to feel like an outcast. The real importance though is where the individual letters lay and their adjacent letters as that is what determines their future behaviors, thinking patterns and feelings. More can be found on this concept on BestNameMeanings.com website.

One of the most unique celebrity names was Pablo Picasso’s full name which was Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Mariía de los Remedios Cipriano de las Santisima Trinidad ****Ruiz y Picasso, with the one name that is censored. All is all, each of us is our name, and each of us has the choice of emphasizing the positive attributes in our name or the challenge aspects. When asked who are we, we answer with our name, as if that says it all. Indeed it does, once you know how to interpret a name.

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