Sale Yourself So Others Will "Buy" You


How to make a good first impression and immediately connect with others.

     How do you approach someone so that they will want to become more acquainted with you? Did you know that you could turn off a prospective relationship in the first thirty seconds starting with how you greet the other person? What would it be worth to know how to bond with your prospective friend immediately?

     Neimology® Science helps salespeople increase their sales by teaching them how to analyze the letters in names to know how people think, behave, and feel including how to connect with them. Introductions are made upon meeting someone, and once the name is heard, it can be interpreted. What is important is to get the spelling of the name accurately. Please feel free when someone introduces himself to ask, and how do you spell your name? People willingly spell their names for you.

    The key to connecting immediately lies in the first vowel of the first name regardless if it is the first letter of their name. People with the first vowel of an ‘A’ feel it is a waste of time to be greeted with the normal, “Hi, how are you?” as they feel you don’t really want to know, that it is a waste of their time, and let’s get down to business. Meanwhile, people whose first vowel is ‘E’ would be insulted if you didn’t greet them with “Hi, how are you?” as otherwise they feel you don’t care about them and all you want is their time or money. So, how do you greet someone?

     Since there are six vowels (A, E, I, O, U and Y) to consider, there are six greeting styles. This can be a tricky maze if you don’t know a person’s name prior to greeting them. The most non-offensive greeting is simply to say, “Hello” and then ask for the person’s name and give them your name. Then you can proceed according to what the first vowel of their first name indicates.

     Knowing someone’s name not only shows you how to greet people, but what questions to ask to get the conversation flowing. For example, suppose someone with the first vowel of ‘I’ is introduced to you. One of the initial questions you would ask to bond with the person is, “How is your family?, Is everyone doing well?” as people whose first vowel is ‘I’ put families first. Thus, you would ask questions about their family and proceed from there.

     The first vowel also lets you be aware of what is important to your new acquaintence in the way of appearance also. People with the first vowel of ‘O’ are not as interested in your appearance as they are in getting to know you. Once they know you however, appearance becomes important. In contrast people who have ‘A’ generally could care less how you are dressed as long as it is not offensive.  People with the first vowel of 'E' will always notice your appearance and for people with the first vowel of 'U' it is more important that you know how to have fun than what you look like.

     Knowing how to interpret a name is vital to increasing your friendships by bonding with the person immediately. Knowing Neimology® Science allows you to greet someone and communicate in the same style that the other person understands the best.

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