Odd Facts About Names

Odd Facts About Names

We all have a name. Fun facts you may not have known previously.

What soft drink was a hit in the US but not in Spanish speaking countries?

Do names really matter? You bet they do, especially when the name of the product is great in one language but the same word offensive in another language. Take for example the name of the soft drink Fresca which had problems when it was sold in Mexico. Why? In Mexico, the word Fresca is slang for lesbian. Any time a product is being named, alternative languages must be considered as to not inadvertently offend another culture, especially if you plan on marketing to that culture. Thinking of starting a business or creating a new product? Let me assist you in finding the perfect name.

Betty and Veronica of Archie cartoon fame. In real life they are …

The names Veronica and Betty were famous in the Archie cartoon series. The Archie Comics introduced many lovable characters. In real life Veronica would be the sexy one just as in the comics. Veronica would be likable, but not change who she is to get liked. She would have charisma and natural sex appeal. Veronica would also be logical, use deductive reasoning and also highly practical. Veronica would never give up control to someone else as she wants to be the one in charge of herself.

Betty's name indicates that she would be competitive, and want to be the best at what she did. If she couldn't be the best than she wouldn't want to participate. Betty would have good hand-eye coordination and would feel the best when physically fit. Betty would fit into any group that she wants as she was a chameleon and could sense what others expected of her. Betty would be outstanding in whatever area her interest took her as her nature is to strive to be the very best. Betty can be emotional, is basically a people person and gets attached to others. She is the detective and always wishes to know what makes another person tick. Betty may, at times, be slow to start, but once she is in gear she epitomizes the Energetic Bunny. Both names are true to their characters in the Archie series.

Criminal Tendency Indicated in Names?

Richard Millhouse Nixon was the first US president whose name contains all the letters from the word "criminal." The second? William Jefferson Clinton. This fact was reprinted with permission from Reprinted from "Rick Frishman's Wednesday Tips"

Bernie Madoff - Made off with the money

And one that I adore, my first dentist was Dr. Shock. Names do reveal who we are. 

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