Does Your Name Reflect Your Sexuality?

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Sandra Fluke testified taxpayers should pay for her contraceptives. Limbaugh went ballistic. Why?

We are hearing about Sandra Fluke in the news recently regarding her recent highly profiled incident involving Rush Limbaugh's inflammatory comments about her. What caused Limbaugh's outburst? Fluke testified before the Democratic House of Representatives expressing her opinion on why she believed it was essential that the government provide free contraceptives, stating that she uses $3000 worth of birth control while in law school and is going broke keeping up.

In response, Limbaugh did the math and inferred that she must be in the sexual business because $3000 dollars buys 3000 condoms, and for three-year law program that means she'd need 1000 a year. Considering there are only 365 days in a year...well, you get the gist of the story and implications. Limbaugh was explicit in his choice of words. There are many more facts to this story, but you generally understand. Due to Limbaugh's statements, Fluke is now a public person. Sandra Fluke & The Power Of Shame

How would you deal with suddenly becoming a household name? Would you gather up the attention and make the most of it, or would you prefer to stay out of the limelight? Let us look at Sandra Fluke's name to see how she is reacting. First of all, Fluke likes to be the expert in all she does, as she feels she knows the most, or at the very least, more than most. Just as we look up to doctors, Sandra would like for us to look up to her. So, in this respect, it is not surprising that she thought she knew enough to testify before the Democratic House of Representatives. Sandra Fluke & The S.L.U.T. Hypocrisy

Fluke has made herself as likable as she can and would not consider changing herself to get liked. She made herself pleasant, so if someone doesn't like her, there is something wrong with him or her...not with Fluke. Sandra is dedicated to making the world a better place. Like others that also wish to improve the world, it is according to her definition of what is wrong with the world, not anyone else's. She can be a workaholic and yet she makes an equally great couch potato.

The most interesting thing about her name though is that she doesn't know her own worth or value; therefore the underlying motivations behind her actions are an attempt to prove to herself who she is and that she does have value. Interestingly enough, people who know who they are don't have to shout it to the world, as they do not crave outside approval nor recognition of their worth. What We Can Learn From The Name Whitney Houston

People who don't have that clear sense of their own value often attempt to show that value to others, so that they can get a sense of themselves as it is reflected back through others. There are multiple ways this need for others to validate her self worth can be accomplished. Perhaps she is sexually as active as she is in order to gain approval from men? It does not need to be through sexual unions, even though that is a fairly common way of seeking approval.

Last names reflect the type of people that we attract into our lives. In Fluke's case, she would attract people who consume her time, are a bit demanding in that sense and who have a great sense of humor. Fluke also would attract people who have a difficult time sensing what is real versus what is illusion, as they seek attention. So, here you have a person who needs attention to validate her own self-worth by attracting others who don't know their value either and who think rules are good for others—that is, as long as they don't have to follow them.

In short, Fluke has the perfect name for a flower child of the 1960s. She would both thrive with the attention she is getting and, at the same time, want to run from it, since it demands of her to know herself. She is sharp though, so she will do her best to use this newfound fame to her advantage. Sandra Fluke Rejects Rush Limbaugh's Apology: What Do You Think?

It is also easy to see, when comparing the two names, why Limbaugh slipped and used words and a tactic that he doesn't often take with Fluke. Limbaugh's name stands for freedom within strong family values, and being conservative, while Fluke's name represents an "anything goes" attitude. Both of their individual lifestyles would naturally repulse each other, hence, the strong reaction from Limbaugh to Fluke's attitude.

What do we do when we meet up with someone whose values are so opposed to our own? What about being curious as to why and how they made their decisions versus being judgmental? What about pondering their philosophy to come to a deeper understanding of another person's point of view, before condemning? Lastly, can we maintain civility and be polite regardless if we vehemently disagree? Watching these two interact is a reminder that we all have alternative ways in which any of us may choose to behave.

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