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Why To Consider Couples Therapy Before Breaking Up

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We concluded the session with alternative ways he could meet his need to be right, plus the four component parts to an effective apology. Their names had unleashed their strengths and their challenges. Both were appreciative of the information that had been conveyed and stated that they had much to discuss. My personal high occurs when I see couples who are willing to have an honest discussion as nothing can be resolved without absolute honesty from both parties.

However, that is not the end of this story. This couple spotted me later that night in a large packed auditorium and came to my seat during intermission. Both stated that they had been talking all afternoon about what was mentioned during their session and they had decided that it was going to be too much work to stay together. He did not wish to change and she did not wish to live with his inability to admit when he had made an error. Only now, both could go on their separate waya without agonizing over what went wrong or any hurt feelings.

They could be friends and not lovers with no pain to explore later. This was a clean break, as they now understood the deeper patterns that were being played out.

It is not often that the people I see decide to end a relationship. Most of them make renewed commitments to their relationships knowing that it will improve. Thus, I was shocked, yet pleased for them. If a relationship is going to end, don't we all want them to end peacefully and with no remorse? Knowing how to interpret names is a wonderful tool to help us connect with others and to know when connecting will be too much work.

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Sharón Lynn Wyeth is a relationship coach, who uses names as a tool, an author and speaker. She has amazed so many people both nationally and internationally by her accuracy in predicting their personalities based on their names that she has lost count. Wyeth is the bestselling author of "Know the Name; Know the Person", which shows how to interpret a name as well as the app NAME MEANINGS which does the first name for you. Find out more about her click here and to know more about names click here.

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