Managing up/Self-promotion : What To Do About It


Be purposeful of your engagement and align it with our bigger vision and core values.

In my recent survey, an amazing 79% people said that Managing-up/Self-promotion is the most challenging aspect of their work. I didn’t expect it at all! I then started thinking about it more and realized it is the tip of the iceberg. Based on my experience the real issue underneath is our reactive mode.  A more effective approach is to be purposeful of our engagement and align it with our bigger vision and core values. Deviations are fine as long as they are exceptions rather than the rule- as it doesn’t sustain for very long.

Interpretation of the Data


A good majority of people thinks Managing-up/Self Promotion is their biggest challenge

  • As a manager or a leader this is not very happy place to be (makes us look like a villain)
  • As an employee we want to know how to get recognition about our contribution without having to be an annoying marketer.

Symptom and Root Cause – Based on my experience this problem sometimes shows up like this [from an employee perspective]: “I am working hard, long hours, still my manager is asking me to do more, have more impact, show leadership…why can’t he see my contribution already.” My observation is -

Many employees are operating in a reactive environment. They are mostly reacting to events/ problems that are occurring around them. Naturally this takes up time and energy from them – which may be perceived as “work” – does not necessarily make the most impactful one.

So how do we address this problem as a manager/leader or as an emplyee? Read the full article here.


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