Love Your Body: Exercise Can Be A Happiness Ritual


How I created a sustainable routine for my regular exercise.

How are you keeping up with your resolution of regular exercise? If it is not going well, you are not alone! On this Valentine's day renew your vows with your body.

The other day at the end of my class, people got quite hyped up to make time to do something for themselves.  Some of them made a commitment to start going to the gym. Sounded like a great idea! But experience tells me that, by the  next class more than half will report that they didn’t have time or the motivation. So what would help to be more successful? I found this answer for myself and surprisingly enough that aligns with happiness theory!

Choose an activity(exercise or something else) that

  • You enjoy; the reward is instantaneous. 
  • Comes with a long term positive impact.
  • Is a small stretch for you (in terms of time and effort). When it is relatively easy to do it has more chances of success.

Few years back I was experimenting with my exercise routine. None of those I tried sustained for very long as I didn’t enjoy them. One day I noticed my friend went for a walk after she dropped her daughter at school. I got curious and joined her. We had a walk and a good chat. And then we kept doing it for a while. Eventually she changed that routine but I continued. Some days I walked alone some days I found a friend. I loved it either way. With a company I enjoyed the quality conversation and when being just myself I got to contemplate on my strategic thoughts. Making time for the walk wasn’t a big issue as it was right after dropping off my daughter. All I sacrificed was to start the day 30 minutes late.

Now talking about the reward, the lone time with nature or a quality chat with a friend is always a gift. Especially this morning, when I had such beautiful scenery with a soothing breeze on my face, I couldn’t ask for more!

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This article was originally published at Green Leaf Coach. Reprinted with permission from the author.