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10 years +


St. Paul MN 55106 - United States



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Author, Business Coach, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Mentor, Psychic/Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

#YouAreGuided! Wish you could just google it? Now you can! Hear your guides and angels, and learn how to hear them daily, to solve your toughest personal and professional challenges!

About Shannon Walbran

Do you have angels and guides? Yes, you do! #YouAreGuided

After helping more than 25,000 people hear divine messages, I strongly believe #YouAreGuided.

I'm a psychic and spiritual mentor to clients worldwide.

I've witnessed miracles, synchronicities, and magical moments that have radically changed people's lives for the better and helped them move to new countries, start new relationships, cope with divorce and trauma, and find new careers doing exactly what they love.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to “google” the answers to your toughest personal and professional challenges? Now you can!

You can get instant solutions, and you can discover how to communicate with your angels and guides, all on your own!

What is it like to receive continuous guidance?

When you're in contact with your guides, you experience:

  • increased faith
  • serenity no matter what happens
  • answers at your fingertips

You know what to do and when to do it. You feel confident that you are walking the path God has chosen for you. Your worries disappear, and you shine forth!

About Shannon Walbran

I'm a psychic who helps people access their own “silver thread” of divine guidance. I do 1:1 private sessions, I lead online psychic coaching groups, and I answer callers’ questions on TV, radio, and podcasts. 

My book “Guided!" is available on Audible. It's half case studies of clients who have come to see me, and half spiritual autobiography.

Based in both Johannesburg, South Africa, and St. Paul, Minnesota (only 9,000 miles apart!) I travel and teach around the world. 

I've been to 49 countries so far and add at least one new country per year!

What is a session like?

A Spirit Guide reading is an opportunity for you to ask questions of your Guides, the angelic beings who watch over you and help you on your path.

A reading gives you specific, detailed, personal advice. It helps you feel loved and supported. It helps you realize that you are not alone. Each reading is unique and personalized to your needs.

You will need to write up a list of specific questions about yourself only. Please save the written list for the session – don’t send it in advance.

What can I ask?

In these questions, you are asking for advice, so your questions could be phrased as, “Should I ….?” or “Would it be best for me to do X or Y?” or “How can I solve the problem of …?”  You will receive much more than a yes or no answer.

Your Guides also want to tell you how to receive spirit guidance on your own, and this often comes through as a topic in the readings.  Add it in as your last question: “How can I receive messages by myself?”

What CAN’T I ask?

Almost never do messages come through from clients’ relatives who have died. Please don’t ask questions such as, “Does my late grandmother have a message for me?” This is not within my gifts.

Spirit Guide messages are meant to help your soul’s growth. These messages almost never include information about what a third party is thinking or feeling (for example, “Does Person X love me?” is not answered).

You can’t ask about what another person should do, even if he or she is a member of your family (for example, “Should my sister move to Chicago?” is not answered).

Another limitation is about the future: you have free will, and you can make your own decisions. The Guides will point you in certain directions and show you open doors, but you must choose where to go, and then consequences will happen.  Don’t ask, “Will they give me a job?” Instead, ask, “How can I get a job?”

Last, you have complete control over what you do with the advice you receive. People say that when they follow The Guides’ advice to the letter, the results are incredibly positive. Your results may differ, but in a Spirit Guide reading, you will hear precisely the messages you are meant to hear.

Why can’t I ask about someone else, like my husband?

You can ask questions about things that are in your hands, that you have the opportunity to change. His life is his life.

How many questions? How long does it take?

Write a list of ten specific questions, not topics like “house” or “career”. However, don’t give any background information, JUST ASK THE QUESTION. Your Guides know who you are. The session usually lasts for up to an hour.

Specific, detailed questions are best: “Should I take on this new project, and what should I look out for?” and “How can I improve my relationship with my manager?” Only written questions can be answered. Don’t phone with questions “in your head.” Write them down.

What Do People Say After a Session and Coaching with Me?

"I feel lighter and clearer now. I know what to do!

"Wow! That was the best money I've ever spent!"

"Shannon is like my own personal google!"

"Dear Shannon, thank you for all the love, support, and encouragement. <3 Thank you for making me feel safe enough to really share myself with you all in the Seekers coaching group, and thank you for sharing your life experiences with me! I have learned so much and grown so much over the last few months, it is honestly incredible! Dearest Shannon, thank you for being brave enough to share this amazing gift with all of us! Thank you for your patience and for being such a thorough, compassionate, and understanding translator!"

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