Anxiety Issues

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6-10 years


San Francisco CA 94121 - United States



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Dating Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Relationship Coach

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My state/province only



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For Couples Counseling:   [Individual Counseling details below]

Frustrated with your partner or spouse or wishing things could go back to how they used to be? Is communication impossible and feel like if you don’t get some help that things between you might be over? If you feel like you’ve tried everything possible on your own and could use some outside perspective, you are certainly not alone.

In couples counseling, we will work together to begin to create the intimacy in the relationship that you desire and reduce the conflict that you are experiencing. Together we can identify the patterns and cycles in your relationship that create and maintain distress, thus making it hard to feel safe, be vulnerable, and work as a team. When emotional responsiveness seems to be missing, we often resort in a fight-or-flight response. Some of us fight for connection while others withdraw in the hope to minimize conflict.

Using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), I will work with both of you to become increasingly skilled in reducing the frequency and duration of fights and even turn them into opportunities. Over time, you will begin to understand the fight and withdraw states as they show up and create the framework to master the skills that lead to a richer connection with one another. In my ten years of counseling experience, I have found that couples who are the most successful in the coaching and therapy process:

-want to change their relationship
-are willing to do the hard work that this change may take
-care about their relationship and want to make it work.

If you are ready to begin taking steps toward the intimate and satisfying relationship that you desire, I look forward to hearing from you. We will begin with the phone consultation that I offer at no charge, so that I can hear a little more about what you are looking for and share how we can begin working together, email me directly at jeremimcmanus@gmail.com or call me at (415) 375-0311 to set it up. 

I work with couples on:

  • Improving communication
  • Resolving conflict and reducing arguing
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Pre-commitment and pre-marital counseling
  • Recovering from an affair and building trust
  • Transitions in life and in the relationship
  • Healing relational wounds
  • Getting more from the relationship

Counseling for Individuals:

Are you frustrated with dating or feeling dissatisfied with your current relationship? Does it ever seem like everyone else is in a happy relationship? Uncertain how to even begin taking steps towards the relationship you desire? You are not alone. Most of us feel lost, confused, and discouraged at times in trying to navigate our way towards the life and relationship we want. This often results in depression, anger, and the impulse to give up completely.

The good news is there is hope. There is a path toward creating the life and the relationship that you want for yourself. It is likely that there is not a quick fix or solution–I suspect if there was you would have figured it out already. But with some diligent work and an openness to begin shifting things, it is amazing what can unfold in the dating, relational, and other aspects of your life. There is someone out there who is preparing themselves to meet you–are you ready to begin preparing yourself to meet them? If so, I want to hear from you.

Together, we will explore what obstacles that have been getting in the way of you having the relationship you have wished for. I offer a phone consultation at no charge to hear a little bit about what you are looking for and share how we can begin working together. If you would like to set up the consultation, call me at (415) 375-0311 or email me directly at jeremimcmanus@gmail.com

I work with individuals on:

  • Improving their dating life
  • Meeting someone special
  • Building rich and satisfying relationship(s)
  • Getting more of what they want in their lives
  • Increasing confidence and becoming more secure
  • Developing more effective communication skills
  • Addressing issues with their family
  • Stress management & life balance
  • Resolving fears and challenges that impact life


About Jeremi McManus, MFT

Jeremi McManus, MFT began working as a Coach in 2003 where he discovered his passion for cultivating happy, healthy, and satisfying relationships. Growing up on the Indian subcontinent, it is no surprise he found a home in the diversity and multi-layered culture of San Francisco. Upon his return to the U.S., he found that often the varied facets of what makes us uniquely ourselves can create challenges in relating to one another. In fact, his own struggles in making sense of dating and relationships were certainly instrumental in leading him to Coaching, and eventually to enter a Master’s in Counseling program in 2006. Jeremi particularly draws on the modalities of Attachment Theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in collaborating  with individuals and couples to gain a richer, fuller understanding of themselves and one another. His work with clients is strength-based, relational, compassionate and often draws from his own practice of mindfulness. He is grateful for the tools that psychotherapy and coaching offer us to enhance our lives and relationships and for regular exploring adventures in this fine City by the Bay.


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