Whitney Houston Dies At Age 48


Whitney Houston is a role model for us all. Never take for granted the love you have & your impact.

By now you know Whitney Houston has died. 

Houston's career soared in the 80's and 90's. She was one of the world's greatest singers in recent history. She was a treasure, but she may not have valued how important she was as a singer and role model to her daughter or her fans.

Whitney touched many lives ... many of which she will never know. Her voice, her songs, her youthful soul and beautiful songs will be missed. So sad she is gone. Thank you, Whitney, for all that you gave us.

If she leaves us with one lesson, the most important one I think is:  Never take for granted who you are ... appreciate those who love you, what you have achieved (no matter how insignificant you think your achievements are, they may have touched others in ways you never imagined), and enjoy life. Life is short, so take the few moments you have to see the beauty that it offers you and take life up on its offers.

We leave you with one of her songs filled with beauty. To her, it may have been just a pretty song. To us, it always left us mesmerized with a tidal wave of emotions and a thankfulness that we were privileged to hear it.

Whitney Houston: A Video