Valentine's Day Survival Guide For Men


How to make this Valentine's Day her best one ever & you look like the best guy ever.

You've made it past the first date -- way past.  You took her to the best restaurants, the most romantic movies, and every martini bar within the city limits.  Now Valentine's is just around the corner and you are scrambling, wondering what you can do that is a little more interesting, a little more fun, and can bond you together in more ways than one.

These sexy Valentine's dates are bound to wow her and are guaranteed to make sparks fly.

  1. Book a chef. Track down a gourmet chef in your area that will come to your home and offer to teach the two of you to cook a romantic, scrumptious meal. (Use google or call local restaurants.  Many restaurants, especially the better ones, have a list of 1-2 chefs who make house calls.)  This date idea will set you apart from anyone else she has dated. It's fun, inventive, and you bet she has never done it with any other guy.
  2. Turn your bedroom into a hotel room. Stock up on her most-loved foods. (You're not a great cook? Arrange to pick up delectable meals at your favorite restaurant.)  Bring her dinner with champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries in bed. Top it off with a warm, sexy bubble bath.  Heaven.
  3. Take her out for your first date again. Literally. Go to the same restaurant, movie house, or walk through the same downtown streets you did on your first date.  Tell her how special that date was for you. If the exact locations are not possible, play it out in similar ones.  Imagine her surprise when she finds out you have taken the time to make the arrangements.  She will definitely drown you in seductive kisses.

Just remember:  Valentine's is really about showing her you are proud to be her man. Show her you want to make her happy and feel special. Keep that goal in mind, and you won't go wrong ... no matter how elaborate or simple you make the day. 

Now, go on, make yourself look good. The rewards are definitely worth it, wouldn't you say?

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