Sexual Perfume Dating & Relationship Tip


Your flirting, dating, and relationship smarts are just about to sky rocket.

Want to shake up your love life and make your relationship or marriage a little on the spicier side?  Try these romantic ideas that will bring you closer both emotionally and physically.  Let the tender moments begin ... .

Send provocative e-mails or texts to your partner.  Send him an e-mail that tells him how sexy you think he is both in and out of bed.  Tell him how much you enjoyed a certain move he made or how great his touch felt.  They don't have to be over-the-top graphic, but the more specific the better.  It will make him feel more like a Casanova.  In turn, he'll act more like your personal Casanova.

Try a different location.  Sounds too simple, right?  It is simple ... simply  delicious.  Doing it in the dining room, kitchen, or in the back seat of your car (parked in your garage, of course), is surprisingly romance-inspiring.  Can't find a location private enough?  Splurge on a hotel room for an afternoon.  It's the best investment you will ever make.

Be flirtatious in public.  Rub his leg with your bare foot under the restaurant table;  put your hand in his back jean pocket, carressing him as you walk down the street;  maul him in the elevator.  Be creative.  Use your man-charm and he's guaranteed to never let you go.

Put on your favorite, sexy music.  Make it loud.  Grab him, throw him on the couch and go for it.  Be selfish and take what you want.  He'll never know what hit him.  (Remember that even for men, no means no, but you won't have that response.  Guaranteed.)

Unleash your sexy bombshell.  Buy sexy lingerie that makes you feel like the sex-kitten he sees you are; wear the perfect seductive scent (one that makes you feel sexy and oh-so-beautiful); tell yourself he's lucky to be your guy. (He definitely is.) Then go after him.  He'll love it -- and so will you.

Ban the pyjamas.  Walk across the room slowly, deliberately, taking off your clothing a piece at a time.  Stare directly into his eyes as you strut your stuff.  Take his pj's off when you get to him.  He won't refuse.