How To Tell If He Is Into You


Want to know if he is in it for the romance or just the friendship? Give him this simple test.

You are on a date and although he's definitely making the sparks fly for you, you are not sure if it's the same for him.  He smiles when you speak, you are both laughing, and you seem to be hitting it off.  But this scenario has played itself out before.  You're on a date, you think it's going well, but after you say good-night, you don't reconnect for a second one.

How can you tell whether he's really interested in you and is attracted to you or whether he  is enjoying being with you, but more as a friend than anything else?

Give him the touch test.

Touch your date and see how comfortable he is with it.  Then wait to see whether he responds back or not.  If he doesn't find an excuse to reciprocate, it's probably saft to assume you have just made a new friend.  If he does, you are definitely going in his little black book.  (Hopefully he erases all the other names in it at the same time he adds yours.)

Here are some ways to naturally and easily get that contact:

  • Grab his arm as you make your way through the crowd at the bar, restaurant, movie line-up.  
  • Let your knees, thighs, arms, or foot casually press up against his when you sit next to or across from him.  
  • Leave your hand next to his and the restaurant table.  Say something nice about his hand and gently touch it with your finger as if to show him what you mean.  (e.g.  "Wow, do you ever have big hands/long, sexy fingers.")  
  • When standing close to him, touch him on his shoulder or back as you lean in closely to speak to him.