9 Ways To Feel Less Alone Even Though You're Single

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There are a lot of reasons to remain single these days, and many women are happy to do so. Unfortunately, other people often view single women with pity or misunderstanding. They think single women sit home every night eating Ben and Jerry's by the gallon, feeling lonely and miserable. But studies show that single people actually have more active lives than married people; they're more likely to go out, be involved in their communities, join groups, have more friends and be more social!

Don't listen to what others expect or think is best for you. If staying single is the lifestyle choice you want, then thrive in it! There is no reason not to live your best life, the life you want, while staying single. You just have to learn how to be happy!

Choosing to be single is a choice just as choosing to get married is a choice. But just because you're single doesn't mean that you're not dating and out there having fun. There are many women, such as myself, who choose to be single, live alone and not get married, but still date. Then there are those singles who choose their careers first and want to get married later in life. No matter which option you choose for the moment, being single doesn't mean you have to be alone. Plus, don't base your happiness on a man alone—get out more, make friends and enjoy your single life!

  1. Job. Having a job or career that you love is paramount to living your best life. When you have a place you look forward to going each day and co-workers you really get along with, it makes you happier, more productive and keeps you motivated. People spend a significant amount of time working and if you don't like what you do, it only means hours of misery. Having a job also keeps a single girl independent financially, which is very important!
  2. See the world. Don't wait until you have a traveling companion. Some of the best holidays can be by yourself! No need to agree on a destination with another person—you can go where you want. Traveling alone really teaches someone a lot about themselves. Going to restaurants, museums or events alone helps bring a person out of their shell, and many times they meet new and interesting people. Traveling on your own allows you to go on your own schedule and your own pace. It also allows a person to reflect, recharge their batteries and really get to know themself better.
  3. You've got to have friends. Having a support system and a social life helps us deal with life and all the stress it entails. Being around people we feel connected to is good for our mental and physical health. You don't need to see people all the time or have a large group of friends. Some people just have a small circle and that is all they need! But having someone to talk to when things get rough or you want to share good news helps us to feel less alone. In a world that thinks everyone should come in pairs, friends are essential!
  4. Find your community. Seek out like-minded people who share the same values to connect with. It may be through volunteer work, which is a great way to spend free time and give back, or joining a club. Being single can be at times difficult when everyone you know is married and they keep asking why you are not. It wears on your nerves and can be really irritating. Married people do not have to constantly explain why they are married. Single people always seem to be having to justify their single life. Seek out single communities, blogs or online groups. The community doesn't have to focus on being single, but finding a group who doesn't focus on your relationship status constantly can be a real relief.
  5. Make a home. It is important for a single woman to have a home of her own that fits her tastes and lifestyle. Do you want to create a place for entertaining so you can be the hostess, or a get-away oasis? Make your home a place where you feel comfortable, because you will spend a lot of time there. Don't wait to decorate the way you want to until you find that special someone or get married! What if that special someone never comes or takes twenty years to find? You don't need to have a wedding to get that china set you fancy. Get it now because you're celebrating being single and fabulous! Single women should create a space that is all theirs.
  6. Visit the pound. Pets can be a great comfort and great company to single people. Pets love you unconditionally and are there for you when you're feeling down. They make the perfect companion for the single girl, especially for the single girl who doesn't want to have kids!
  7. Sex, Sex, Sex. Have sex! Sex has many health benefits and just makes you feel good. Staying single doesn't mean you have to forgo sex. Take a lover. Take more than one if you want to. Also, don't be afraid to fly solo. Masturbation helps you through the dry spells and it is important you know how to self-pleasure. Buy a toy box and fill it with sex toys to experiment with when you like. Masturbation is important even if you have a sexual partner so you can tell your lover exactly what you like.
  8. Visit the gym. Take care of your overall health. Working out increases your sex drive and helps boost confidence. If you don't want to or can't get to a gym, there are other ways to exercise. Take a walk, a dance class, learn to pole dance, run or work out to a DVD at home. If you want to join an exercise group, take a salsa class or bike riding group. This also helps you find a community.
  9. Get a hobby. Everyone needs a creative outlet. Find something you really enjoy that has nothing to do with work. Take a cooking class or learn scrapbooking if that is what interests you. Do something to keep your brain working and active. Being single does not mean sitting around the house all day with no life. Find something you love and have fun!

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