Tips to Survive 7 Major Holidays Single

Love, Heartbreak

Don't let your relationship status ruin your holidays.

Your birthday – Some singles live nowhere near their family and others are new to town and haven't made any real connections. Maybe you don't even like to celebrate your birthday because it's not your thing. Nevertheless, if you're so inclined, you can still do something for yourself. Celebrate how fabulous you are and how much you appreciate your own singleness. Maybe you have friends but you don't want to wait for someone else to throw you a party –throw your own party!

I don't have a lot of friends here in Los Angeles, as my really good ones live on the East Coast. So every year I throw my own b-day bash. I don't wait for someone to do it for me. I have my friends fly out and we all go out to dinner then get bottle service at a night club. Birthday cake? I have no problem getting my own. This year I wanted a penis cake so I went ahead and had one made for me. There are times I don't want a big celebration so I do something low key for myself and buy myself something nice. The older we get, we begin to notice that our parents aren't buying us presents as they did when we were kids. I don't wait for someone to buy me something, I treat myself to something nice.

Halloween – I create my own Halloween tradition by decorating my house and yard for the month. (I get tons of compliments from my neighbors and the kids love it.) Also, throughout the month I'll do Halloween themed events such as going to a haunted house or party. Then on Halloween night I'll dress up and hand out candy to the kids. Sometimes afterwards I'll go out or have friends come over for drinks. Come up with your own tradition for the month whole month or just for the evening.

July Fourth – I don't like crowds so usually for July Fourth, I like to spend it somewhere quiet such as a spa resort. I might go with a girlfriend or lover to a resort where I know we can view the fireworks from the balcony. Or maybe you have friends over for an afternoon barbeque or head to the beach, etc. Keep reading...

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