Is Single the New Future?


There are more options out there and plenty of fish in the sea

I’m a “Me” person, not the stereotypical “We” person. This doesn’t mean I’m selfish, incapable of love, or that I want to live my life like a hermit. It merely means that I know what I want out of my life and I choose to live single.

I’ve lived with lovers in the past, and it didn’t take me long to realize that living with someone isn't for me. I love coming home to an empty house and enjoying my “me” time. I’m thankful that I’ve come to this realization early on in life. Now I know that I’m not cut out for society’s “rules” of living with my lover in order to be happy. If my lovers can’t handle that, they move on. Simple as that. My relationship and dating styles are not for everyone.

Nowadays, relationships seem to be more of a chore than a pursuit of personal enjoyment. Unfortunately, many people look to their partners for fulfillment and happiness in their lives. If they fail to find it in one, they search for it another. They’re missing the point. You can’t be happy in a relationship until you're content with the one you’ll have for the rest of your life: your relationship with yourself. If you don’t know who truly are, how can you ever expect to develop a mature relationship with someone?

Relying on one person for our happiness isn’t realistic. This is one of the reasons I’ve chosen to remain single along with having more than one lover. It is possible for people to love two or more lovers.

Compared to a few decades ago, singleness has greatly transformed. However, being single is still seen by some as being immature and not accepting adulthood by playing the field. For me, singleness is a sign of maturity. I get to take time to learn more about myself. I understand more of what I really want out of life before I jump into a relationship. Even if it takes you fifty years to get to know yourself and finally settle down, it’s better than getting hitched too young because that’s what society says you’re supposed to do.

So is single the new future? I like to think so, since many people are choosing to have multiple partners throughout their lives rather than depending on one lover. There are more options out there and plenty of fish in the sea. Why settle for one special someone when you can have several? The next time you find yourself at home on a Saturday night watching one of your favorite TV shows and enjoying a glass of wine, give yourself a cheer to being single and living life for you.

Sienna Sinclaire ~ Naughty Los Angeles Sex & Dating Coach

This article was originally published at Naughty Lifestyle Guide. Reprinted with permission from the author.