A 10-Step Guide To Sexy Legs For Spring


Get great gams without having to hit the gym!

Want perfect stems? Sure, who doesn't?

When every fashion magazine shows celebs and models in short dresses with perfectly taught, flawless skin, it's easy to feel like your own legs might be lacking in the looks department. But — wait a minute — don't celebs and models have the benefit of Photoshop? Yep, you bet.

They're not actually perfect either. While you may not have a professional photo retoucher in your corner, you have something better: this article. There are a variety of ways you can improve the look and feel of your gams, regardless of your time and budget constraints. You'll be so glad you took these tips you'll actually feel bad for the women who depend on software to have the kind of legs significant others can't keep their hands and eyes off of.

1. Body brush. There is a lot of noise out there by organic, holistic types who promote dry body brushing. But what is it? And does it work? You're not going to get an FDA stamp of approval on this (they haven't tested it) but so many women swear by it that it's definitely worth a try. The idea is to buy a soft, natural bristle brush. You can do so at places like The Body Shop.

Brush your legs in a sweeping motion toward your heart. This does two things: it helps exfoliate your skin to allow newer, firmer skin to be at the surface and it improves overall blood circulation underneath the surface. Improved circulation brings collagen-building nutrients up through your skin, helping firmness; it can lessen the appearance of dimpled skin by increasing the activity in your oil glands, helping to create natural moisture, too. The best time to do it is right before you head in the shower, make it a habit for long term effects. Buy body brush here.

2. Exfoliate. When it comes to getting your skin to look as good as possible, it needs to be as healthy as possible, which comes down to two things: exfoliation and moisture. Your body is shedding dead skin all the time, replacing it with new skin. But the process isn't that cut and dry.

As dead skin falls away there are still untold numbers of dead flakes clinging to the surface of your legs that prevent the new skin from showing its stuff. That's why you need to help your skin along, by regularly exfoliating and getting rid of the flakes yourself. There are a lot of ways to do this.

There are exfoliating lotions for night time and after the shower. There are exfoliating body washes for in the shower. There are washcloths with a surface that helps exfoliate, too. And there are all natural, weekly, treatments you can use on your legs such as sea salt and lemon juice. The acid in the juice helps to break up the bonds that hold dead skin to the surface of your legs and the salt helps to remove it. A gentle massage of the mixture on your legs for several minutes before you hit the showers will help keep your skin looking taut and firm. Extra bonus: Exfoliating will help self-tanner go on without streaks and blotchiness. Buy salt scrub hereKeep reading ...

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