5 Ways to Seduce Men the French Way


Using your senses to create the perfect seduction

For a French woman, every aspect of life is romantic, passionate, and pleasurable. After all, France is referred to as the romance capital of the world, where seduction and sexuality is a way of life for the ladies. It's in everything they do – from the lingerie they wear to bed and the way they apply their makeup, to how they strut down the boulevard in stilettos when they shop. (Lingerie is a French word, by the way!) Why do you think we call that special, sensual tantalizing kiss with the tongue a French kiss? Because when it comes to creating a hot and steamy sexual encounter, no one does it quite like a French mademoiselle.  

French women are somewhat theatrical when it comes to sleeping with a man –the stage is always set for seduction. They pay attention to the most seemingly insignificant details to maximize a romantic experience so it can be as pleasurable as possible for both parties. By wearing beautiful undergarments, bathing with perfumed soaps, using skin lotions and creams and always keeping a bottle of good champagne in the fridge, French women are always ready for a little ooh la la. This way, she always feels beautiful, confident and geared up to truly allow herself to be carried away by the sexuality and passion of the moment.

By creating a kind of psychic "path" in her life, the French woman generates a way for love to find its way to her front door. Using her senses, she is able to seduce her lover in such a way that he keeps coming back for more, all the while treating her like the lady she is –not some tramp who is desperate for a little male attention. The mystery of the French woman is that her man knows he can lose her at any moment. French women understand that romance and seduction take time. Love is a ritual and is meant to be appreciated slowly, just the way good food is appreciated.

We can learn a lot from the women of France. Here are a few simple and easy tips that will teach you how to use your five senses to seduce your man and keep him on his toes:



French Technique: Use Conversation to Arouse the Intellect

Our sense of hearing is an integral part of conversation and intellect.  Stimulating the ears can stimulate the intellect, which, in turn, stimulates the libido. Edith Kunz, author of Fatale: How French Women Do It, tells us that in France, “scintillating repartee is highly prized. Electronic entertainments and mindless parlor games are slow to catch on in a country where human spontaneity and quick wit is revered.” She goes on further to say, “French women know better than to bore male suitors,” with mindless talk about subjects only interesting to the speaker.

In Real Life

Our ears are the gateway to our brains, and our brains are the center of all pleasure. All satisfaction starts in the mind, and interesting conversation is a great way to get that organ revved up. It’s amazing how improving your communication skills can help with your dating life! Take lessons from famous courtesans and French women in becoming a skilled conversationalist; keep up to date on current events and read books, magazines, and blogs about subjects that interest you. By supplying your own brain with new material, you're cultivating a base for conversations that truly engage men of interest.

When entertaining lovers, take a cue from the French and start with intelligent and witty conversation before resorting to passive entertainment like TV and movies. To educate yourself on what type of conversation to avoid, take some time and do a little bit of innocent eavesdropping in public. You'll surely notice that despite continuous talking, friends and romantic partners communicate very little to one another. Another tactic is to turn on the television and spend some time listening and analyzing the conversations that take place on reality TV. The mindless and random chatter will surely become evident!

Nowadays, we seem to have lost the art of conversation. Instead, women try to seduce men with revealing clothing, sexually explicit body language, and sex. These will all work to get a man in bed, but to keep him you need more than just a sexy dress and a willingness to spread your legs. It doesn't mean you can't be sexy but next time you're out on a date, combine your intelligence, humor, and sexuality. Don't rush dinner; enjoy the conversation and stay for dessert and coffee.


French Technique: A Sexy Massage

The word “massage” is actually the French word for “knead” or “touch.” Creating the space to experience an erotic massage is an important part of nurturing the naughty part of your home oasis.

In Real Life

Beautiful and sensual sheets make the perfect place for sex and massage. To tantalize his sense of touch, take him to your comfortable bed. Flip your hair onto his body and slowly drag it from his lower legs to his upper back. Then caress him all over with massage oil. Tease him with your touches and let yourself be teased. Disrobe completely before jumping on top of him to be his naughty masseuse. Don’t just use your hands to touch him, make use of your lips, tongue, nipples, breasts, and vulva (outer part of your pussy). From this position, use your nether region and slide it all over his body as you massage him. Slowly bend over to slide your nipples up and down his body while bringing your lips and tongue down to touch him as well.

Touch offers so much to our sexual and romantic experiences. It stimulates as well as relaxes, making women more likely to climax and men better able to control their ejaculate. Too often we forget to use this vital part of seduction. Most of us just think of using only our hands when it comes to touching lovers, but that's just the beginning. Use your imagination and get a little naughty.


French Technique:

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