Let Your 5 Senses Create Your Sensual Home


By using all of the five senses, you can make guests feel welcome into your home.

French Technique: Soft fabrics for furniture and rugs.
French design emphasizes fabrics throughout the home, as they transition us from using our sense of vision to the more intimate sense of touch. While our sight is what we use for information, it's the most distant. Floor-length curtains, plush upholstered furniture and luxurious blankets commonly appear in French homes. Even in the kitchen, textiles appear in the form of curtains, cloth napkins, table clothes, placemats and tea towels.

For Your Home
You can easily add a bit of luxury to your home through textiles. If you're buying furniture, select pieces that have a soft and cozy feel to them. For existing furniture, take some time to sit down and analyze what could make that space more comfortable. If a couch or a chair could use some help in the comfort department, you can add a cashmere blanket and soft, textured pillows to surround yourself with tactile pleasure. Don't forget to cozy up your favorite lounging areas with a soft rug; I love my fuzzy white number in my living room!

I've designed my house so that every seating area is comfortable, even my dining banquet and patio furniture! I mix up the textures, including soft, smooth, silky, and furry, to excite the senses through different sensations. Setting the scene with soft, cozy furniture is a great way to make lovers feel comfortable and welcome.

You can indulge in your sense of touch beyond your furnishings by wearing a soft, fluffy robe and slippers, and providing them to your guests as well. Not only will this get you in the mood to snuggle, it helps define your sense of home to yourself, and your style of hospitality to your visitors, whether they are lovers, family members, or friends.

French Technique: The very best linens for bedroom and bathroom.
I'll let Edith Kunz describe the ultimate femme fatale's bedding: "A billowing white virginal bed with clouds of goose down tasseled pillows smelling of sentimental lavender lifts a man’s thoughts to heavenly heights. Perhaps the contrast of such feminine finery compared to their own sleeping quarters is part of the captivating fascination that grips most men as they are enveloped in the sensuous folds of softness. It’s rare that they can resist sinking into these luxurious linens without a sensation of joy."

In practical terms, Kunz suggests making your bed exciting to the touch—this will coax your lovers into lingering longer. Going beyond the bedroom, you want your lovers and house guests alike to luxuriate in the bathing process with quality towels and silky soaps.

For Your Home
There’s a reason why men prefer to stay the night at their lover’s home over their own. Women are more likely to surround themselves with soft, smooth and silky pillows, duvets, blankets and towels. It's easy to give your lover a night to remember with time spent spoiled and pampered in a sensational bed.

Whether or not I have a lover in my bed, I use the very best linens. We spend about a third of our lives and even more of our sex lives in our beds, so shouldn't we pay special attention to this intimate environment? I splurged on a comfortable mattress that I've covered in a goose down mattress pad that has elicited many a compliment from my various lovers. I use the best white silk and cashmere sheets that money can buy, as my bed is a priority to me. My sheets flirt with my skin and beckon lovers to come inside.

You can still create a lush and enticing bed on a budget. Goose down and memory foam mattress pads often go on sale in bedding stores and online. High quality pillows sell for under $50. Replacing a limp pillow with one that cushions and comforts can improve your bed's quality significantly and quickly. In addition, you can usually find pillow covers for your decorative and throw pillows for a good price; this is great way to add texture and luxury to your space without having to throw away what you have or start from scratch. Keep Reading...