Let Your 5 Senses Create Your Sensual Home


By using all of the five senses, you can make guests feel welcome into your home.

French Technique: Dining as theater.
Kunz tells us that French women are known for never allowing, "an opportunity to go by that may give them more influence and power over the opposite sex. Leave it to the French to transform the necessity of daily nourishment into 'the theater of fine dining." With their flair for food, fashion, and hospitality, a deliberate, formal dinner plays a central part in French romance and seduction. A French dinner is not a casual affair. Instead, the dinner table is dressed as carefully as the diners, with care taken in everything from the selection of the menu to the candelabra adorning the table. Kunz emphasized the importance of the dinner, saying that through food "a guest will be more likely to remember a magical atmosphere and gracious ambiance."

For Your Home
You don't have to be Julia Child to put on a fabulous dinner. The important part is to serve indulgent food with elegance, preferably finger foods which you can feed to each other. If you enjoy cooking, share that with your lover. If you'd like to learn, practice making a few simples dishes for yourself and for friends before attempting a home-cooked dinner theater so it seems natural. If selecting recipes and making food is not your forte, you can always buy a prepared meal from a grocery store or restaurant. Just reheat your meals and serve it on your own sexy dishes. Remember that presentation of your food is just as important.

Set the table with flowers and candles and use real napkins to reveal utmost hospitality and engage other senses. While you don't need to serve deliberately unhealthy food, it's generally best to drop the diet during a seductive dinner. The food should tempt and tantalize, giving your lover the chance to indulge in the pleasure of taste. First he tastes food, then he tastes you. Just be sure not to overeat or else you may end up in an unsexy food coma or feeling too bloated for "dessert."


French Technique: Aphrodisiacs to set the mood.
When using food as a prelude to sex or as a part of seduction, setting the table with foods that evoke sex can help set the mood. French foods are common aphrodisiacs, with items like oysters on the half shell, cream-kissed berries, champagne and chocolate, inciting a pleasure that starts on your tongue and lingers in the body.

For Your Home
Pulling off an oyster dinner in your own home would be difficult without kitchen staff! If you want to use aphrodisiacs in your dinner theater, you can choose any food that makes you feel sexy, carnal, or hot. For some ladies, this might be ripping meat off of ribs before licking your fingers sensually. Vegetarian naughty girls might serve whole artichokes, whose many layers can be peeled off and eaten one by one, revealing the tender, succulent center.

If planning an aphrodisiac meal is too daunting, it's better to go out to eat than fumble through a home-cooked meal without confidence; you can always come back to the house for champagne or dessert. Or, you can turn yourself into dessert. To do this, cover your bed with plastic or an old sheet and surround yourself with sexy edibles like chocolate syrup, strawberries, cherries, and whipped cream. This way, you're tantalizing his taste buds by letting him taste you.


From the feel of your lover’s hand grazing your skin to the warmth of a velvety blanket, touch is an integral part of a naughty oasis. Even the look of some fabrics can beckon us to come in closer, just as the suggestion of cleavage under a top begs to be caressed. Keep Reading...