Let Your 5 Senses Create Your Sensual Home


By using all of the five senses, you can make guests feel welcome into your home.


The sense tied most closely with memory, our relationship with smell ties us to our pasts and helps us remember new treasured moments we're not keen to forget. Fragrance is also strongly linked with our sexuality, in both the animalistic craving of the smell of warm, pulsing flesh and our tendency to associate certain scents and perfumes with seduction. Throughout history women have used aromas as a tool of seduction from Cleopatra's perfumed oils to the early Romans' bathhouse culture, but no one uses perfume like the French (Kunz, 55). Plus studies have shown that if we lose our sense of smell then our sex drive decreases.

French Technique: Use fragrance with intent in the home.
Again, Edith Kunz lets us know how to best use fragrance within the home telling us that, "true femme fatales will plan meticulously for their intimate encounters even though they can give the appearance that surprise surrender is utterly spontaneous. Women well-versed in 'pleasure power' fluff their pillows and sheets with lavender sachets and powders while augmenting the atmosphere with perfumed candles." This is very important when setting the stage for the arrival of your lover, but it's important not to be too conspicuous with your intentions by overloading fragrance. Instead, aromas within the home can create a sexual atmosphere seemingly effortlessly.

For Your Home
Prepare for intimate encounters by living sensually everyday. Even if you are home alone, light some scented candles and use sachets. By pampering yourself regularly with sexy rituals, you're preparing yourself mentally and giving yourself confidence to pull off those big bang moments effortlessly and naturally. Even if I'm home alone, I still light candles and my fireplace, play sensual music, wear lingerie and shave my legs to feel sexy. That way when I'm entertaining a lover, I'm being myself and not putting on an act.

You also want to moderate the use of fragrance in the home; don't go overboard! A few scented candles should do the trick—you don't need a synthetic fragrance plug-in pumping in the favorite smell of some huge corporation's marketing department. You want to use just enough aroma to imbue your space with an erotic quality and set the scene for intimate encounters. You can easily adjust to the smells in your own space, so you want to use just a hint of fragrance, as your guests will not be as accustomed and you don't want to overwhelm. Sachets are ideal for distributing aromas delicately and continuously. They're also very French.


Food and sensuality go hand in hand. From the artful imbibing of aphrodisiacs to the old adage, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," food primes the body for experiencing pleasure. France is known for its rich culinary history, from ancient wineries and cheese producers to macarons in contemporary flavors and colors. Keep Reading...