Let Your 5 Senses Create Your Sensual Home


By using all of the five senses, you can make guests feel welcome into your home.


French Technique: A boudoir bedroom.
The visual abundance described earlier doesn't stop in the living room. The French bedroom design is all about the ritual of sex, with mirrors for light play and visual stimulation, dressers to house lingerie and conceal secrets and fluffy spaces for pillow talk. Here fabrics are as important as ever, given their ability to turn the visual into the tactile. A typical French boudoir design capitalizes on the relationship between fabric and color. Colors associated with sex cover the walls and bed linens, while canopies and curtains add extra visual interest and enhance the desire to touch.

Kunz says French women, "dress their beds with the same care and consideration that they give to their selection of underwear. They place great importance on the art of visual coquetry, thus setting up an atmosphere to best frame all their other practiced flirtations. The extra effort is not considered an imposition, but an opportunity to participate in the agreeable art of allure."

For Your Home
All of my linens are white, providing the perfect blank canvas for naughty deeds. I use the finest sheets and bed dressings everyday to make my bedroom a luxury all the time, and to aspire to the "visual coquetry" noted by Kunz. Dressing up your bed is one way to visually stimulate the senses, but what you hang over your bed is just as important. I have used mirrors in the past, but today I have mounted a beautiful, wooden lotus flower to stimulate my sexual energy. And let’s not forget the most important item everyone needs in their bedroom, a fan for all those hot steamy nights. While saunas have a place in this world, I want my lovers to find my bedroom an exotic, sensual oasis, not a steam bath.

The rest of my bedroom is furnished with useful and beautiful items. I have a Venetian mirrored dresser topped with flowers, candles, an erotic Buddha figurine and sensual framed images all positioned under another mirror. This is not an ordinary bureau, as it packs in three whole drawers of sex toys! In another corner sits a white chair and ottoman that match the boudoir aesthetics I love while providing a place to relax and, of course, working as props on certain nights. Combined with candlelight and my erotic photos on the walls, all of the items in my bedroom facilitate sex through visual stimulation.

You can give your own bedroom a makeover by taking a look around your space and asking yourself, "What makes your feel sexy?" Add décor, linens, or furniture that allures you. If you can't get rid of an ugly dresser or terrible feature in your room, get creative with solutions, looking for paints, fabrics, or décor that masks the problem or draws the eye elsewhere. With a little bit of creativity and soul-searching, you can make any room sensual. Keep Reading...