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Reasons To Take A Break From Dating

After a few years of soul searching, I decided that I wanted to try out open relationships because being monogamous wasn’t working out for me. I’m all about living my life my way, not paying attention to what society, friends, or family tell me about how to live it. I had tried dating just one guy; my relationships didn’t last long and were unfulfilling, usually because of infidelity and dishonesty on my part.

I gave it a go and went out into the world with a new attitude and dating style. At first, I was investigating and trying to see what worked for me. Sometimes my experiments were disasters, but I learned from them. Other times, I had some amazing relationships with guys who were very open to the idea. Once I had done a little researching, it worked out for me.

I was finally being honest with people and the most open I’ve ever been with guys. It was a great feeling! I’ve now been living this lifestyle for 10 years and I’ve had some of the best relationships that I’ve ever had. My relationships now last longer, my longest one eight years and still going strong and I’m completely honest with my lovers and it feels amazing to be so open with someone. Work is still first for me, but when I have a date with a lover, I put them first for the time I’m with them. I’ve learned how to balance my work, travel, me-time, and dating. I didn’t know how to that before.

I would have never have discovered this about myself if I hadn’t taken a break from dating. I needed to discover the problem wasn’t necessarily in the men I was dating, but in the type of relationship I was having. Dating isn’t a one size fits all and that’s where we can get in trouble when it comes to trying to follow the "rules." You need to make your own rules and find out what your dating style is. Don’t listen to society, Cosmo magazine, your parents, or friends. This is your life so live it. Date the way you want, but let your partner know your dating style to make sure you’re on the same page.

I believe we are constantly changing as people and we need breaks from time to time to refocus on how we’re changing. Sometimes you can be for open relationships, into a swinger lifestyle, or into being monogamous, but that can all change and you need to be open to it and honest with yourself. Keep Reading...