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You can't move forward while staring out the rearview mirror. 

About Senica Evans

As a survivor and overcomer of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and destructive relationships throughout her life, Senica Evans is the founder of SennySen, a company focusing on breaking the cycle of destruction and abuse in women and teen girls lives by educating, empowering, and enlightening them to overcome destructive relationships and behaviors to realize their greatness.

She is the author of Married to Him (2011) and soon to be released Woman Free Yourself: A Guide to Healing from Divorce or a Heart Wrenching Breakup by Starting Over, Rediscovering You, and Crushing Bitterness, Anger, & Resentment. She hosts a weekly prime-time talk radio show, Let's Chat Radio Show, via Blog Talk Radio to further her mission of inspiring and motivating women to realize their greatness.

Her experiences have earned her a PhD in overcoming relationships gone bad! Her childhood was filled with watching loved ones be physically and verbally abused by their husbands. She was sexually assaulted in her teens. Unbeknownest to her, the cycle of destruction had already begun in her life. Every relationship thereafter was marred with domestic abuse, with her marriage being the worst.

Despite all, she earned a B.S. in Accounting and launched a successful professional career holding positions ranging from accountant, governmental auditor, and financial criminal investigator. She is also certified in behavioral analysis and a sworn peace officer. She has taken several graduate level courses in psychology, counseling, and criminal justice to quench her thirst in understanding people, relationships, and abusers.

As a woman's relationship coach, Senica has been inspiring women to heal through her transparency. Her story has been featured by P.A.V.E. Senica's most prized role is as mother to her two sons! 

My words aren’t simply written or spoken but ignited by passion and set on fire.

Senica Evans Success Stories

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Women in complicated relationships

I was in a relationship for over three years that became unhealthy for me. Senica's experience enabled her to give me great advice and options. She was always ready to help me in anyway she could. Thanks girl, you were a tremendous help!more

~Alleachia Smith

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