Healthy Relationships Leave Clues

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What kind of balance does a healthy relationship require? The win-win balance and partnership.

"Good relationships, even among competitive people, have that aspect of encouragement, challenge, and inspiration. When one wins, both win. That's the kind of balance a healthy relationship requires." ~Thomas Whiteman

Just as success leaves clues so does lasting relationships. There is a formula to happiness and a healthy relationship. Here is what I've learned along the way.

A relationship should be a win-win for both parties. There should not be a more superior or inferior person in the relationship. A relationship is the joining of two people to form a cohesive bonded whole; a partnership. We can look around and find many examples of win-lose relationships. Those usually consist of one person giving 110% to the relationship while the other takes everything.

A truly healthy relationship is rooted in the couple's choice to see and make each other happy. This requires us to pay attention. I'm talking REAL attention, not that kind of attention where you see them out of the corner of your eye but really aren't looking at them. I'm talking the type of attention when you notice their new haircut or article of clothing. When you pay attention, you learn the inner workings of a person. You learn to read their unspoken language of happiness, uncomfort, disgust, or contentment. You learn how to navigate their emotions (both good and bad), encourage their dreams, inspire their thoughts, complement their weaknesses, and challenge their strengths. You will also learn their imperfections.

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