Have A Sexy Picnic In Bed

Ever wonder how famed Tantric lovers were able to make love for hours and sometimes days? Being trained in the arts of ejaculatory choice, whole body orgasm, and other techniques is just a part of what it takes to enjoy extended lovemaking sessions.

Traveling the sensual terrain of delicious and repeated orgasmic peaks and valleys requires an awareness of many practical details. Making love for hours or days includes periods of rest, refreshment and nourishment. To enhance the entire lovemaking experience one chooses foods that support and become a part of the sensual activities.

Picnics are fun, delicious, and leisurely food experiences. Why not have a picnic in bed? Like any other picnic, carefully prepare all of your food and beverages in advance. Contrary to popular belief, heavy foods and potent alcoholic beverages are not conducive for extended lovemaking. Too much of those things can make you feel sluggish, deaden your senses and put you to sleep. The goal in a sensual experience is to be present, aware, and awake.

One of my favorite picnic-in-bed memories was in Hawaii on a breezy night listening to the waves roll up onto the beach outside our window. The mood was mellow yet seductive with candles and sweet smelling plumeria at our bedside. My beloved walked in naked with a platter of sushi, dark chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and ripe pineapple wedges. She laid the platter at the foot of the bed and proceeded to take a slice of ahi in her mouth and crawl on all fours from my feet to my lingham, pausing to tickle, and slid her way up to my lips to deposit my first bite. (Did I mention the virgin coconut oil as a lubricant?). I was full that night from much more than my picnic.

Washing and slicing bowls and platters of beautifully prepared foods including fresh fruits and vegetables are easy and fun to feed your lover. Try some fresh dill with dip or crabmeat, ginger chews, whipped cream with strawberries or raw cacao. Take your time and savor each delicious moment. Smelling, tasting, feeling the textures of food, skin, and your lovers lips. The small of the back can also be a great plate to serve any culinary delicacy....

By Baba Dez Nichols and Sedona Temple

About Baba Dez
Baba Dez is a Daka and transformational guide currently living in Sedona and Hawaii. Exploring the sacred inner realms and enjoying the many textures of life, love, and humanity, Baba Dez has studied, assisted, and been blessed with the presence and wisdom of many masters around the world for over 20 years. It is his path and honor to share these gifts and support others on their journey. It is his commitment to help people deepen in their truth and power, find enjoyment in transformation, and bring in grounded results.


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