Listen Up Guys! How To Avoid THESE Kinds Of Women

Girls being funny.

Here is what to do to avoid these kinds of women that could ruin your love life.

If you are a follower of the Direct Approach, you will no doubt be aware of the many advantages that Direct has over indirect, but one thing that is often overlooked is that Direct gives you an almost bullet-proof shield against manipulative women, especially gold diggers, whereas indirect leaves you susceptible to being taken advantage of by these types of women.

In this article I'd like to elaborate a bit more about this.

First of, what is a gold digger? I like the definition I recently read online which states that a gold digger is 'a woman who forms relationships with men purely to obtain money or gifts from them'.

In short, these women don't give a damn about a man's personality and character, they don't have any genuine interest in men. Their primary motivation is how they can obtain as much money and as many material gifts as they can from men.

Sometimes these women will sleep with a man in order to get money and gifts from him; other times they will not even sleep with the guy yet still rinse him for everything they can.

And the sad thing is, when you interact with a woman in an indirect manner, not revealing your romantic/sexual intentions, you leave the door wide open to being used by these gold digger types.

Examples of how indirect guys get used by gold diggers

They take women out on expensive dates and/or they buy expensive gifts for women, usually BEFORE they've even slept with the woman. The tragic thing is, some of these guys never even get to sleep with the woman, yet get taken for a ton of money and gifts.

Other times, gold diggers manipulate men into paying their rent, their college/university fees, their car payments, etc.

How gold diggers can easily manipulate indirect guys for their money

There are basically 2 types of gold diggers: 1) those who will sleep with a guy in order to get money and material gifts from him, and 2) those who will get as much money and gifts out of a guy WITHOUT even sleeping with him.

Type 1) gold diggers are nothing more than prostitutes in my eyes; after all, a prostitute is a woman who exchanges her sexuality for money (and sometimes other material gifts). So what's the difference between a prostitute and a type 1 gold digger? I see no difference at all.

Type 2) gold diggers are the most manipulate. These types of Gold diggers know that most men are desperate to get into their pants, so they dangle the carrot of the possibility of sex in front of a guy.They sort of 'tease' the guy by making him believe they're attracted to him, and that he MIGHT have a chance of getting into their pants, while in the meantime they rinse the guy for as much money and gifts as they possibly can.

And once they've gotten what they want from him, they're gone, without even putting out sexually. Or if they don't go immediately, they keep manipulating the guy over a period of time until they get bored and move on to another easily manipulated guy

The sad thing is, when a guy is indirect with a woman and he has a friendly, safe, non-sexual conversation with her, he mistakenly believes he's 'getting somewhere' with her. But type 2 gold diggers LOVE indirect men because they're so easy to use and manipulate.

How being Direct protects you from both types of gold digger

When you are Direct with a woman, you take away all her manipulative power and you actually gain the upper hand.

When you first meet a new woman, you have no way of knowing whether she is potentially a gold digger and looking to use you, or whether she is genuine, but fortunately the Direct Approach will  help you out here and it will allow you to stop a gold digger in her tracks.

The first thing you need to do with every woman you meet is be crystal clear verbally with them about what you want from them. Let them know you're looking for a lover, not a friend, and then let them know specifically what type of romantic/sexual relationship you're looking for.

A girl who is genuinely sexually attracted to you will find this refreshing, and you'll hook up with her faster than if you were indirect. A gold digger (particularly a type 2) will be scared away by this, because she will realize that unless she puts out sexually, you will be gone.

The second thing you need to do is to make it be known that you refuse to play games or manipulate women, as well as tell them that you will not tolerate games or manipulation from them.

Let them know that you are aware there are gold digger types out there, and that you are looking for a genuine woman who believes in honesty, trust and respect. If a woman is genuine, she'll love this. A gold digger will get scared away when she hears this as she will realize her manipulative powers won't work on you.

The third thing you should do is to not spend any money on women until AFTER you've slept with them (and even then, it's not a prerequisite to spend any money on them if you don't want to).

Don't buy them any gifts. Don't take them out for expensive dinners or other pricey dates. (Going out for something like a coffee date is ok, if you only spend a small amount of money, though). Just concentrate on getting women into bed, without money even coming into it. If a woman is genuine, she will sleep with you without you spending any money on her. If she's a manipulator, you'll get rid of her easily.

Manipulative women such as gold diggers will literally shit their pants when they hear you say these things and when they see that you won't spend any money on them before they put out.

You will usually find that a gold digger ends the interaction with you once you make it known that you are not the sort of guy who can be manipulated or taken advantage of, which is good because you want to get rid of these types anyway and concentrate on genuine women only.

So as you can see, Direct makes you immune to girl diggers, and the more guys who are Direct, the less gold diggers there will be in society who can use men.