6 Crazy & Powerful Sex Techniques

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These 6 Crazy Yet Powerful Sex Techniques Will Show You Exactly How To Satisfy Your Partner!

Being great in bed and having a solid relationship are massively intertwined. You really can't have one without the other. That's why today, I'm going to show you how to take care of the 'being great in bed' part using 6 very powerful sex techniques.

(P.S. If you want to learn my best dirty talking tips & techniques for building sexual tension & turning him on, you’ll find them in this powerful video)

Now, you don't need to use every one of them the next time you and your man are in bed together. If you are going to try that then you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself. A much better way is to only use one or two of these sexual techniques at a time and really master them before trying the next ones.

1. Dominate Him!

When you read the word domination, your mind may go straight to the idea of whips and chains. The truth is that whips and chains can certainly play a part in your sex life if you want them to, but you don't have to be that extreme to use a little domination on your man.

Dominating your man can encompass a huge number of different aspects. Everything from simply being on top of him during sex all the way to controlling every aspect of his life. If you are just starting out, then you need to stay on the tamer side of things and slowly build up to the kinkier stuff. Here are a few examples of how to dominate your man, starting with the easiest and tamest sex techniques and then moving into slightly kinkier territority:

  • During sex, be the one to change what position you are having sex in. So grab his hand or arm and manipulate him into position.
  • The next time you are both alone push him down on a chair (or your bed), unzip his fly and start giving him a blow job
  • Pull his hair the next time you are having sex. Make sure not to do it too hard though!
  • Tie his arms to the bed and ride him in the cowgirl position during sex.
  • Give him a few light slaps the next time you are having sex.

2. Don't Forget To Blow

One of the most powerful sex techniques that you can ever use on your man is giving him a good bj. Most people think that giving good oral sex is easy, that all they need to do is bob their head up and down on their man. There is actually way more to making your skills top notch. Here are just a few of the important techniques:

#1 Your hands are just as important as your mouth. Just because it's called oral sex does not mean that you can completely forget about using your hands on your man. Not only will it give him a different sensation, but it means that you can also give your mouth a rest.
#2 There's more than just a gearstick to play with. Don't make the mistake of only focusing on your man's penis. His testicles and even his bum are almost as sensitive. You'll even notice that he finds you stroking all along his groin to be very hot too.
#3 There is a huge variation to what you can do. You can kiss, lick, suck, squeeze, massage and rub his penis while giving him oral sex. For more techniques to use on him, check out this powerful tutorial video.

3. Getting Handsy

Giving your man proper oral sex is definitely one sexual technique that you need in your arsenal. Another is giving him some hand action. This is thankfully very easy and is the perfect technique to use so that you can smoothly transition to giving him oral sex without any awkwardness whatsoever. Here are a number of things you can do to make the whole experience super hot for both of you.

Focus on the head - The top part of your man's penis or his glans is by far the most sensitive. So try focus most of your attention on it. Obviously don't neglect the rest of his penis, but do make sure to focus almost exclusively on the top part while occasionally you should massage the rest of it.

Ball Skills - Again, don't forgot about your man's testicles. These are incredibly sensitive and feel great when massaged. Just remember that if you are too rough with them, then you can really hurt him by mistake.

Slow Down At The Finish Line - The biggest mistake that people make is that they speed up once they reach the finish line and your man starts to orgasm. Instead of speeding up here, you should slow right down and release the pressure of your grip on him, until it's almost feather light. He will appreciate it, a lot.

4. Talking Dirty

One really great sex technique that you should always use is talking dirty. While you'll learn everything you need to know about talking dirty to your man in this awesome video, these tips will get you up to speed in the meantime:

Start Off Slow & Watch His Reaction - Starting off slowly with talking dirty to your man is important as it allows you to gauge his reaction and see what kinds of dirty talk turn him on the most. It also allows you to build up your confidence as you won't be saying anything too wild too quickly.

Use It To Give Him Directions - One of the best dirty talking techniques when having sex is to use it as encouragement and to guide him into doing what you want. Saying things like,  "Yes", "Just like that", "Harder" or "Deeper" will turn him on and give him great feedback at the same time.
5. The Show & Showing Him

I like to call this one 'The Show' as well as 'Showing Him'. The Show is nothing more that you putting on a show and masturbating in front of him. Remember that guys are visual and so get turned on by what they see. This is the whole point of The Show.

Quite similar to The Show is what I call 'Showing Him'. When you 'Show Him' something, you need to grab his hand or fingers and position them in a way that you like so that he is either fingering you or rubbing you or even massaging you. You may be nervous about trying this...but once you do it, you'll see just how hot your man finds it.

6. More Sex Techniques

If you are serious about learning how to satisfy your man sexually, then learning how to give awesome oral sex should be near the top of your list of priorities. If you want a quick start guide on how to give your man perfect oral sex, then you may be interested in this detailed and poweful instructional video.