How To Dress Sexy To Attract A Guy: 3 Tips For All Women

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All women can dress sexy, regardless of their body shape.

Learning how to dress sexy for a guy can be incredibly frustrating. There is so much advice out there which makes finding the right advice in the mess of countless articles a major task. Not only is there a huge amount of advice out there on dressing sexy, a lot of it is just plain misleading or not designed with real women in mind. So, how do you dress sexy for yourself and to attract guys? There are few rules you should follow that will make achieving this very easy indeed. 

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1. Your Goal
I know you may want the perfect tip on how to dress sexy, but if I said I had one perfect tip, I would be lying. The problem with giving you one 'perfect tip' is that there are so many different goals people have when it comes to dressing sexy. Some may want to spice up things in their marriage, some may want to attract a guy they really like or some may just want to go out to a club to meet and attract a guy for a one night stand. So rather than just running to the nearest Victoria's Secret to buy the latest lingerie or sexy outfit, take a moment to ask yourself what your goal is when it comes to dressing sexy.

Spicing Things Up:  If you want to spice things up in a relationship that you are already in, then dressing sexy for your man in private is going to be different from dressing sexy for him in public. Dressing sexy in private could mean wearing lingerie, a sexy outfit, nothing at all or even wearing something as simple as an apron and nothing else. Before you decide on what to wear, try talking to your man a bit to discover what he'd find hottest. Do your best not to let your intentions slip so it's a surprise for him.

Dressing sexy in public is going to be a bit different. You're obviously not going to be wearing only lingerie in public! Again, it's good to talk to your man first to find out what kinds of clothes he finds hot and then wearing them every once in a while when you are both together. P.S. If you want to take your sexy outfit to the next level, learn how to talk dirty to turn on a guy. Watch this instructional video to learn how. 

Attracting And Dating A Guy: If you want to attract a guy with the aim of dating him, then you need to balance looking hot with looking like 'girlfriend material'. The last thing you want to do when trying to get a guy to like you is to look super sexual. There's nothing wrong with looking ultra-sexual, but in general if you do, then most guys are automatically going to categorize you as someone for sex, not someone to date. So keep this in mind when thinking about how to attract a guy to date.

Just Sex: On the flipside, if you are just looking for a guy for sex, then you can throw the last point out the window. Dressing very provacatively is going to work very much in your favor if you are just looking for sex. Why? It's simple because guys categorize women very quickly by what they are wearing (sadly stereotypes will never go away). Think about it.

Imagine what a girl in a skimpy dress and clear plastic heels does for a living? If you guessed stripper, then you are the same as 95% of the population. First appearances do count and people will categorize you on your initial appearance. Thankfully if you are just looking for sex, then it's easy to take advantage of by wearing something that exudes your willingness to have it. So the point I am making in this first part is to start off by asking yourself what your goal is?

2. What Are Your Best Assets?
Once you figure out what your goal is when dressing sexy, you next need to think about your bodyshape. It turns out that not everyone has a Victoria's Secret model body shape. The only rule to pay attention to is that you need to accentuate your good points and minimize the rest.

So, if you are very thin all round, don't be afraid to show off your svelte waist and legs. If you are a little bigger, then make sure to wear clothes that draw attention to your best assets like your breasts and bum. The same goes if your man has a particular fondness for another particular area of your body (e.g. your hands, feet, neck, etc.) I always wish this advice about drawing attention to your best assets was more obvious, but many people forget about it when trying to dress sexy.

3. Dressing Sexy For You
Dressing sexy for your guy is only one half of the equation when dressing and looking sexy. The other is dressing sexy for YOU. There is no point in dressing sexy only for your man if you don't feel sexy too. So just because you see some very specific ideas on dressing hot and sexy, don't think that every single suggestion will work for you. If you are not comfortable with how you dress, then you'll feel it and it's not going to make for a good time for either you or your man. Speaking of being comfortable, one way to help yourself feel more at ease is to try having a glass of wine as you're getting dressed. While one glass of wine will help you relax, don't over do it and have five!

And that's pretty much all there is to learning how to dress sexily for a guy. If you want more advice on things like how to talk dirty to your man then you should watch this detailed presentation on just that! If you want to know how to give a guy incredible oral sex, then you may find this tutorial video on the Bad Girl's Bible site very helpful.