How To Tackle Back To School Shopping With Your Spouse

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School supply lists are massive! Here are tips to avoid money fights about the dreaded expense.

I'm happy to report a major accomplishment: We purchased all of our school supplies — early! The school supply list seems to grow as much from year to year as our boys do. This year, we even had to purchase handy wipes, paper towels, Dixie cups and calculators! 

As a parent, do you dread or love school supply shopping? How do you slay the dragon? If you sent the kids with your spouse would he or she tackle the list the same way?

Go to the head of the class if you've thought through how each spouse's Primary and Secondary Money Personalities affect the massive pile in your cart. If not, here's a cheat sheet:

Saver: You check the ads and scout around town for the best deals.
Spender: You buy it all at the same place. Convenience is king.
Risk Taker: You think the list is just a guideline and buy big brands considered to be "close enough."
Security Seeker: You buy quality. Maybe you can use this next year too.
Flyer: You ask what kind will your child's friends get? Do you like the color choices?

Spenders don't purchase the entire list (plus a few extras) without thinking about your spouse. Compromise. You buy half and let your Saver spouse hunt down some bargains on the rest. Risk Takers, remember that your child may suffer if you get the wrong supplies because you don't care what the list says. And if your spouse is a Security Seeker, he or she will be all up in arms because you didn't "follow the rules." Flyers should stick with the list and don’t let the emotion of the day supersede your budget.

Aim for the gold star on your report card by being kind and considerate with your other half. Make sure you know your Primary Secondary Money Personalities with our free, scientific online Money Personality Quiz.

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