Arguing About Money

There are two sides to every coin. And two sides to every argument - about money. Pick your side.

Recently we were sitting in the Dallas airport listening to an older couple argue. Actually, most everyone within earshot was sitting listening to them argue.

He was upset about a newly discovered separate bank account she opened at a bank unfamiliar to him. He was expressing his displeasure on several different levels, but his main complaint seemed to be that she had not talked to him first, and he had no way of seeing the funds coming and going from the account.

She passionately argued her side of the story, stating she should have this flexibility because the money had come from her deceased mother and was not his money in the first place.

It was going to be a bumpy flight for those two!

Our suggestion would have been to keep the account open because it was important to her, but be 100% transparent with what the money is being used for and how it is being spent so he could feel a part of the decisions. Money secrets and money surprises hurt relationships!!

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