5 Resolutions To Improve Your Money Relationship


Have a fight-free new year! 5 resolutions to eliminate money tension in your relationship.

A new year is a time to celebrate!

Skip the confetti, hats, and horns if you want, but don’t pass up this opportunity to celebrate the efforts you made last year to improve your Money Relationship™. Sure, you may have nagged your spouse about spending, skipped some Money Huddles™, spent too much on the holidays, … but the new year is a clean slate.

Reenact your midnight, ball-drop-kiss, and then commit to making a few resolutions to continue to improve your Money Relationship™.    

1. Start with a party. Take some time to celebrate last year’s progress toward better understanding each other’s Money Personalities™ – he agreed to drink home-brewed coffee in the morning and you agreed to grab a cup with him at his favorite coffee shop each Friday – that’s progress! Toast those dreams that became a reality, and high-five about those dreams that are closer now than last year!

2. Consult the playbook. Refresh your memories about your primary and secondary Money Personalities™. Take the profile again if your memory’s fuzzy. Raise your game with helpful strategies in The 5 Money Personalities™: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language.

3.Vows turned to Wows! There’s a reason “richer or poorer” is mentioned in most vows - money plays a huge roll in relationships. Be leaps and bounds ahead this year by committing to your money vows. Talk them through. Write them down. Stick “no fighting about money” and “no financial infidelity” at the top of the list and then wow each other with daily commitment to your Money Relationship™.

4. Dream as a team. Together identify at least one dream you want to work towards this year. Then make it happen! “All men of action are dreamers.” -- James G. Huneker

5. Make trust a must.  Financial infidelity in a relationship hurts because it’s a breach of trust. All 5 Money Personalities™ have weaknesses in this area. Promise your spouse, and yourself, to be honest about your spending – no private stash of cash Savers, no secret accounts, Spenders no lying about amounts, and no undercover credit cards.

This year understand and celebrate your differences. Enjoy each other. Work together towards your “I do” dreams.

♫ We'll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne. ♬

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