3 Ways Money Personalities Can Bring You Closer


Understanding your spouse's Money Personality brings you closer as a couple.

We received this great email about a husband and wife whose money differences are actually bringing them closer, not tearing them apart.


    We are leaving on vacation and thanks to you guys, we’ve had lots of great conversations about the money side of life. Jimmy is feeling really good about our plans this time, because we made a super clear budget and know exactly how much spending money we have at our disposal.

    Then yesterday we learned we have to replace our central air. I don’t even want to tell you how much this is going to cost. So picture life at our house, just for a minute.


    Good news though — we are navigating it well and it will be fine. But I know if I didn’t understand Jimmy’s Money Personality, I would be super frustrated with his anxiety.
    Instead of doing what I usually do, I made myself sit down with him and make a plan for paying off the furnace. He used lots of money words and I nodded a lot. It REALLY helped. It’s going to be okay and we still like each other.

Thank you, Money Couple!!! -- Carla

Jimmy is a Saver/Security Seeker so spending is difficult for him, while Carla is a Flyer/Saver and could care less about their money. Big differences indeed, but they came together on expenses — expected and unexpected.


They took these three steps — helpful for every money relationship:

  1.     Just do it. Notice how Carla said, “I made myself sit down with him.” She put her relationship first by sitting down with him, making a money plan, and speaking to HIS Money Personality.
  2.     Don’t look back. Carla said, “If I didn’t know his Money Personality, I would be frustrated with his anxiety” — Instead of her usual frustration Carla embraced Jimmy and spoke his money language by putting a plan in place.
  3.     Restore the “like”. She concluded with a great victory, “We still like each other”. Marriage can be frustrating when you love your spouse but your money differences destroy the “like”. Knowing your Money Personalities and honoring those differences restores the “like.”


Thank you, Carla! Enjoy your great vacation, nice cool home, and your harmonious marriage.

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