How To Help Your Kid Land A Summer Job

teen waiting tables
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Three tips to help your son or daughter find the ideal summer employment opportunity.

For the risk takers in the house, look for a job with variety — camp counselor, tour guide with different people and a variety of questions every day, golf caddy, tutor. Summer is also a great time for risk takers, budding entrepreneurs, to start their own business. Meanwhile, savers love getting a jump on college savings with a summer job. One with free side benefits is a plus because your saver will appreciate the value of a free meal at the end of his/her shift or the free use of the pool before they clock in.

A strong work ethic in our children is priceless. Start early this year and land the best jobs around.

Make it happen!
Scott & Bethany Palmer
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Money Huddle™ Tip: Take some time at the start of your monthly Money Huddle™ to collaborate on ideas about summer jobs for your family.

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