3 Ways to Be the Red-Hot Hero


Show your love, that you SO get them!

You’ve heard the variations on St. Valentine’s story with soldiers, weddings, prisons, daughters, secret notes, and even death. Although the facts behind the legend are murky, the stories all emphasize Valentine’s compassion, romance and heroism.

Be the hero to your Valentine this year:

1. Focus pocus – It’s not a trick, but there is a magical result! Focus on your loved one. Really f-o-c-u-s. Who are they? What are their interests? How are they different from others? What are their Money Personalities™? What makes them laugh? What makes them cry? Pull that specific information out of your hat; you’ll select the perfect gift, and be the hero.

2. Pull her pigtails – Get her attention, publicly. Remember the pesky person on the playground you couldn’t shake? You, and everyone else, knew they liked you.  Make sure your special someone, and everyone around you, knows you’re sweet on him or her. Take the term PDA, Public Display of Affection, back from groping Hollywood couples and show your sweetheart, publicly, that they’re tops. Flowers to the office, balloons on the mailbox, a gushy post on their Facebook wall, and for the Spender, Risk Taker, and Flyers in your life – write it in the sky!

3. Stroll memory lane – Think back to the early days of your relationship. What moments, songs, places, memories stand out? Use those memories as inspiration for the perfect gift. Honor your Saver, by celebrating the past creatively without spending a lot of money. Surprise your Spender with something they desired in the past, but thought they couldn’t afford back then. Take a leap for your Risk Taker and sign up for salsa dance classes in honor of your first date at that quaint Mexican restaurant.  


February 14th is a great day to show your Valentine how much you love them, not how much money you can spend on them. Honor your sweetheart’s Money Personality this Valentines Day and you’ll be the red-hot hero.

Make it happen!

Scott & Bethany Palmer
The Money Couple®
Creators of The 5 Money Personalities™

Money Huddle™ Tip: Schedule a Money Huddle before February 14th and discuss what represents a special gift to you. Agree on maximum amounts if that will help your Money Relationship. Ensure consensus for both of your Money Personalities.

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