3 Questions 63 Million Readers Will Ask This Week!


Can you hear your partner reacting like this?! You can if you know their Money Personality.

This week The Money Couple™ will be featured in Parade magazine, “the most widely read magazine in America”. Over 63 million readers will have the chance to take The Money Couple Quiz in Parade to see if they can answer day-to-day money questions, eye-to-eye with their partner.  If you read our books, our Your Tango articles, or cruise around our website, you can probably already spot your Money Personalities and your partner’s, in all ten questions. But just to be sure, check yourself on these three.

1. Surprise! Your spouse rented out a whole bowling alley and threw you a birthday party.
Your reaction?
A) Utter horror. How could they spend so much money on a birthday party?!
B) Ecstatic! You’d wanted to rent out a bowling alley for your birthday anyway.
C) It’s great that they tried to surprise you, but you wish they’d gone a little bigger and rented out a whole amusement park.
D) Happy, but in the back of your mind, you’re wondering how the bill is going to affect your student loan payments next month.
E) The cost of the party doesn’t matter – you’re just happy to see all of your family and friends having a wonderful time.

2. If someone asked your spouse for their biggest money complaint about you, they’d say:
A) You’re so focused on getting a bargain that you tend to take the fun out of shopping.
B) You buy what you want without even thinking about the cost.
C) You’re too quick to jump into new investments without thinking about how they’ll affect our future.
D) You spend so much time researching the pros and cons of important decisions that we never actually make a decision.
E) You don’t take enough of an interest in our finances, and then you sometimes complain about the decisions I make.

3. It’s been decades since you redecorated. What’s your thinking behind the process?
A) Keep it cheap. You don’t need fancy furniture or art.
B) Quality over quantity, a rich piece of furniture makes the room look great!
C) Change is the name of the game. After all a style change of 180 degrees is what this house needs.
D) When you sell it down the road, the house has to appeal to the greatest number of buyers.
E) You’re not one to plan ahead, so you’ll probably make impulse decisions right before the project needs to be done.

Can you hear yourself in these answers? How ‘bout your partner? To be sure, take the free Money Personalities Profile and then pass the mouse to your spouse to confirm your suspicions. After you get your results, treat your relationship to some positive encouragement and stress-free, successful strategies from our new book, The 5 Money Personalities™: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language.

You can do this, together!

Make it happen!

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