What Kind Of Man Is Right For Kim Kardashian?


Given her recent high-profile breakup it's natural to wonder aloud: Who IS right for Kim Kardashian?

Here’s a fascinating question that landed in my inbox recently:


Hey Scot:

I don't even know if this is worth asking but can you write a newsletter on what kind of man would be right for Kim Kardashian?

Is she even what you consider a high quality woman?

She is not someone that I would go for personally. She is great to look at but there is something missing.

Thanks a million,


I’ll tell you what, I typically avoid talking about celebrity relationships unless there’s a REALLY good reason to.

I’m just not big-time into reading tabloids, and I tend to think most other dudes aren’t either.

But for some reason I LOVE how this particular question was phrased…and YES, it’s worth asking.

Here’s the simple answer: I’m pretty sure that the ONLY man who would be “right” for Kim Kardashian is one who’d be willing to SETTLE for a relationship with her.

There it is…I said it, and it’s out on the table.

I agree 100% that even though she’s inarguably easy on the eyes, any guy who gets involved with her is going to be in for a rough deal otherwise.

Now listen, I’m not going to make any wholesale value judgments against Ms. Kardashian because I personally do not know her.

And really, it’s not actually necessary to do so anyway.

Regardless of her personality type, how easy or difficult she is to get along with, how self-absorbed she may or may not be and/or even what the content of her character is the simple truth remains the same: She is NOT going to be easy to have a meaningful relationship with.

The deal is what it is. She’s a VERY public person, and the simple fact that she’s “out there” so famously is a HUGE obstacle for any guy who’s not super-human to overcome.

Last I checked, that leaves NOBODY who can reasonably expect to handle it successfully.

But most guys—even NFL running backs and NBA forwards—are very susceptible to being “clouded by beauty-vision”.

Wow…we happen across a woman who is SO SEXY and we involuntarily find ourselves wanting her SO BADLY that all rational thought goes out the window.

(For what it’s worth, gentlemen, this is NOT a gender-specific thing. When you succeed at igniting a woman’s femininity in a massive way, she might possibly be foolish enough to go for you regardless of whether YOU’RE good for HER or not. Food for thought…)

Anyway, it’s when we cease being rational with MOTOS (members of the opposite sex) that things tend not to end well.

Now granted, whether Kim Kardashian is RIGHT for any particular guy at the personal level is most certainly a crucial factor.

When we go after a woman without any regard whatsoever as to whether she’s even compatible with us, we’re doing neither her NOR ourselves any favors.

Even though the arguments and anguish start early and often we might rationalize the situation. “After all”, we say to ourselves, “it all HAS to work out…she’s too HOT to let go of.”

And YES…the content of any woman’s character DOES have everything to do with whether she’s going to be one-half of a great relationship or not.

If we finds things out about her that we just can’t come to grips with we’re going to struggle…all the way until the whole thing crashes to the ground.

But “beauty vision” tends to keep us from ever stopping to think that it might have been a good idea to sort all of that out BEFORE falling head first for her.

What’s more, however, in the specific case of Hollywood relationships (like ANY relationship with Kim Kardashian will be; past, present or future) being “clouded by beauty vision” often causes a man to completely overlook the very important factor of what it’s going to be like to be under the public’s collective microscope 24/7/365.

And geez, dude…it’s not like wrapping up that whole scenario in a top-rated reality show is going to HELP matters, right?

Add it all up and it’s virtually impossible to expect that ANY relationship can survive the viciously destructive combination of “beauty vision” and a high level of public involvement.

Welcome to why SO MANY famous women with extreme physical beauty and/or who inspire immense sexual desire lead such MISERABLE lives.

Marilyn Monroe comes to mind. I’ve also seen an interview a couple of years ago with Britney Spears where she was crying like a baby about how terrible it is to live her life.

So here’s the bottom line.

When ANY high quality man encounters a beautiful sexy woman, he's GOT to have the wherewithal to first remember that women who are sexually desirable are NOT in short supply.

There are more of them to go around than there are men who are masculine, confident protectors of high character.

NEVER forget that.

If a woman is NOT of high character she WILL NOT bring you happiness in the end.

And if you find yourself falling into the trap of getting hot for a stripper, model or even a Hollywood actress you’d better add the additional layer of consideration as to whether or not you’re ready (and willing) to withstand the IMMENSE social pressure and mental gymnastics that comes with that.

(Don’t even get me started on strippers, by the way. If you think that’s the only “sexual” women are the ones who appear that way publicly, call me right away for a 1-on-1 coaching session.)

As for me personally, I’d MUCH rather have a woman who is beautiful and sexy on the inside AND out…and who is content to lead a much more privately fulfilling life together.

Maximum personal satisfaction with minimum external complication is an excellent formula for true happiness.

Be Good,

Scot McKay


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