How To Turn Her Attraction Into Absolute Loving Devotion (Part Two)

How To Turn Her Attraction Into Absolute Loving Devotion (Part Two)

OK, last time I showed you the first three out of five ways you can get a woman who is attracted to you to fall totally head-over-heels in love with you.

Having read over the first part again, I now realize I told you that I had TWO notes regarding giving her a massage…but had run out of time last time to give you the second one.

So let’s not leave you hanging any longer.


Having read the first installment of this two-part series, you already know how to surprise your favorite woman with a massage, and you also know the special significance of giving her a foot massage.

And here’s that all-important SECOND note I had for you…and it’s a really good one.

You should indeed have her feeling completely relaxed and purring like a kitten…which is one of those moments that makes life so wonderful.

She should be putty in your hands—and gladly so, since you’re so clearly demonstrating that you know how to keep her best interests at heart.

Similarly, you likely also already know how much women CRAVE spa days.

They LOVE to be pampered, and your woman is no exception.

So getting that kind of treatment from a man she truly adores is just about the ultimate exhilarating experience for just about any woman.

Knowing that, I’m going to personally come over to your house and whack you upside the head with my trusty 2x4 if you don’t do THIS next.

Whisper in her ear that you’ll be right back…and that you’re going to get a bubble bath ready for the two of you.

Don’t ASK if she’d like a bubble bath. TELL her you’re going to get it ready.

And DON’T lose your composure like a twitchy hairless terrier (named Cosmo).

Just let her relax and bask in her bliss for a minute or two while you start the warm bath and light candles.

Pity the fool whose apartment only has a shower stall and no bathtub…and even more so the guy who HAS a bathtub, yet hasn’t thought to invest in some tropical-scented bubble bath potion and a few candles.

Now, at this point someone is thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me. There’s no way.”

YES way.

You just stay focused on igniting her femininity and enjoying it.

Avoid being all but obsessed about having sex with her and you’ll REALLY LIKE how naturally all of this flows together.

Women are unafraid of indulging in that which can only be described as “sensual”.

So when you know how to differentiate “sensual” from “sexual” you all but galvanize the attraction a woman feels toward you as well as her comfort level with you.

You’ve got to give that whole scenario some love yourself, no doubt

Then return to her, take her by the hand and lead her to the bathroom. If you can sweep her up and carry her there, all the better.

Finally, just enjoy taking off the rest of each other’s clothes and soaking in the bubbles together.

Well, not finally. There’s more. Someday I’ll give you even more to work with here.


If she’s attracted to you, she probably can’t wait to get to know you better. A LOT better.

And let’s face it, the better you know each other the more intimate your relationship will be at every level.

The less you feel like strangers, the more you feel like partners.

The problem for most new couples is that they go on a two or three hour date a couple of times per week, max…assuming they live relatively close to each other.

(Don’t even get me started on that one.)

Well, how are you supposed to get to know each other in such short “hit and run” spurts like that?

You CAN’T.

So how do you solve the problem?

You plan a road trip, that’s how.

If you know how to listen, you’ve already figured out what she likes to do and where she’d like to visit.

So make a plan. Set aside a weekend and spend some real “windshield time” together.

In fact, if the two of you can coordinate some time off from work together, make it a three-to-five day trip and splurge for plane tickets to wherever the rental car will be waiting for you.

Get away…together. But make SURE to do lot’s of driving around.

Simply put, if you continue to get along incredibly well when you’re sequestered in a car together for 1000 miles or so, that’s a GREAT sign.

It means you’ll be that much CLOSER to each other, and that much further along in the “get to know you” process.

And hey, if you end up at each other’s throats instead, at least you’ll know what’s up.

Either way, planning the trip is a great idea.

By the way, do this sort of thing at least twice before putting a ring on any woman’s finger.


You’ve seen this in movies time and again, and you know it works like catnip with women.

Yet, we as guys are either too lazy or too intimidated by “conversation” to make it happen, aren’t we?

You know she likes you. You know she trusts you.

So figure out a safe but secluded place where nobody else is likely to be around, grab a blanket, and just take her there.

Give the weather a quick check. Clear is great, partly cloudy is better. Make sure it isn’t going to be windy.

Know what the temperature is going to be like, and bring an extra jacket for her even if the projected low temp still seems warmish to you.

And the killer: Give the lunar calendar a quick check. Plan this evening together on a night where there is either full moonlight or NO moonlight.

In fact, if you can get far enough out of town where the city lights are long gone, go ahead and aim for the stars. It’s amazing. Save the moonlight for the second time around.

Pick her up and take her to your location of choice right before sunset starts, and enjoy the sunset.

Hang out until the sunset gives way to moonlight or an incredible starlit splendor.

Allow that feeling that the two of you are all that matters in the whole universe to take over…and enjoy the feeling of masculine power that gives you.

There’s no way she’d be out there by herself, is there?

The sunset will have given you plenty to talk about, as the stars will give you even more.

From there, the conversation gets deeper and deeper…and so will her intense desire for you.

As always, it’s important not to get sexually impatient here.

ENJOY getting to know her. Really. Discover what really makes each other tick.

There’s plenty of time for more “physical” stuff later. So be careful how soon you look into her eyes and kiss her. Things tend to progress rather fast from there.

Remember, be CAREFUL. All of this is intensely powerful stuff.

Indeed, what I’ve shared with you in this article and the last one are pretty much the diametric opposite of “charm throttling”.

And I guarantee you that the woman you’re with hasn’t met a guy who “gets it” as much as you in quite some time, if ever.

So be sure to put plans like these into action ONLY when you know for sure that you’ve got a woman in your life who you really do sense has long-term potential.