What I Wished I Had Taken When I Left My Husband


I wasn't thinking about the sentimental items at the time but I miss them now.

If you are preparing to leave your spouse, there are many items that will be important for you to take with you, things that may or may not seem obvious, like bank statements and your passport.  

However, there are probably lots of other things that you may not be thinking about right now.  Things you'll most likely want later, after things have settled down.   

It may even seem like you don't want these things now, things that will remind you of your time together, like the painting you picked out together at that great little gallery in Woodstock.  Or, perhaps you just don't have time to think about it at all, and you are just grabbing the essentials.  

I encourage you to take a moment and look around.  Take anything you think you might want.  If you aren't sure, take it anyway. You can always give it back to your spouse later if you like.  It's much easier to take everything now and sort it out on your own time, when you a little more clear-headed, as opposed to leaving it there and having to negotiate with your spouse down the line to get it back.

There were many things that never crossed my mind to pack when I left.  Five years later, I still think of things I wished I had taken with me, things like:

- My high school yearbooks

- My medals from running races

- Photo albums I spent hours putting together 

- Artwork I loved and he didn't seem to care about

- The lamp that was the perfect reading light

- The sheets I brought from my childhood room

- Books and CD's that I know he'll never touch

Moving out is awful and separating your belongings is a long, miserable process.  But arguing over items later is even worse.  Take a little time now to anticipate what you might want, perhaps when you are feeing better.  Decide what feels like it's yours and belongs with you and take it with you.   

If you facing divorce or separation, we know how you feel because we've been there too. We can support you.  To schedule a free consultation, call or email us today.  You are not alone.