Teens Reveal 5 Reasons They Won't Talk To You About Sex

Teens Reveal 5 Reasons They Won't Talk To You About Sex [EXPERT]
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Don't fall victim to to these parenting blunders while talking about sex!

My daughter came home the other day and plonked herself on the settee in a slight huff. "What's up?" I asked.

"Oh, sex education is just so boring; why do they teach it?"

"What do you mean boring?" I enquire a little perplexed.

"Well, it was just a lecture saying that if you have sex you will get chlamydia and die!"

We both laughed, but I guess this is indicative of most of the scare tactics used on young girls in particular, and with recent research showing that teens are more uncomfortable talking about sex with their parents than their parents are, it begs the question why.

So I asked my daughter and here, are her five reasons your teen won't talk to you about sex:

1. You make it out to be such a bad thing. If sex is so bad then why are adults doing it? Even if we haven't done it we know it is not a bad thing, and we certainly know we are not going to die if we have sex. Be honest with us, tell us the full story, not just the scare tactics.

2. You make is such a big thing. We have to sit down and have the talk and answer very personal questions that if we asked you, we are sure you wouldn't answer, so why are you making us share? Really, isn't sex a natural thing, something that everyone does? So why the big deal? Please make talking about sex as easy as talking about anything else.

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