5 Benefits Of Father-Daughter Relationships

5 Benefits Of Father-Daughter Relationships [EXPERT]

3. Practical influence. In my experience, dads tend to bring a level-headed approach to situations, focusing on the solutions rather than getting caught up in the feelings of a situation. While we need to recognize that teenage girls can be a little touchy, they also need to learn how to clearly think themselves out of situations. Fathers can bring practical solutions to teenage girls who are overwhelmed, pressured and overcome by their emotions. They can also teach our young girls to be stronger decision makers.

4. Logical thinking. Dads are great with logical thinking. Let's face it — who couldn't do with a bit of this every now and then. Most fathers I know seem to be able to organize in a military fashion, planning and executing even a trip to the shops like their life depended on it. The teenage years can be so overwhelming and this logical-style thinking can really help young girls plan.

When faced with 100 pages to study for example, overwhelm and panic can set in. Fathers help young girls think through these kinds of high emotions and plan logically for how they are going to get it done in the time-space available. This, again, is a valuable tool they will keep for the rest of the life.

5. Focus on results. Males to me seem to be biologically programmed to get results, in fact, sometimes too much, while women enjoy the process. Both are valued and both are needed.

When young girls are faced with getting the results they need at school, this results-focused energy can be really beneficial and so needed. Sometimes, a 'do it at whatever cost' and 'do what it takes to get the results' approach is needed and this is where I believe dads can be of massive support.

What are your thoughts? Why do you think fathers are important? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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